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January 29 2007

Next month celebrate the 10th anniversary of Buffy with Nick Brendon,Juliet Landau and more! They're appearing at the New York Comic Con on the weekend of Feb 23rd-25th.

I wish I could be there. I also wish they had spelled Nick's name correctly.
Same here. All my money's invested in WonderCon/Comic-Con, but at least we're getting a 10th anniversary party somewhere.
Nick Brendon and Stephen Colbert?!?
Holy Toledo. I wish didn't live in the middle of nowhere. You east and west coast kids get to have all the fun.
I already planned on going but this sealed the deal
Chris Golden will be there! :-D
Colbert is only there on Friday. It's going to be packed for him.

I'll be in NYC on Saturday, so I'm looking into stopping by. I was contemplating it since Stephen King is going to be there, but now there's more incentive. ;)
What kerfuffle said. And, as always -- curse you, lack of money! :-(
i'm the same as impalergeneral.
i'm coming all the way from australia for comic con & wizard con....
well i'll just keep my fingers crossed that there might be something similar at San Diego!
oh my goodness. I must be there. Stephen Colbert and Nick Brendon. amazing.
Why do I live on the west coast again?
Oh, man. Colbert AND Buffy trivia with Buffy actors ALL during my birthday weekend?! How awesome! Oh, wait...I can't go.
Well, NYC is fairly clsoe by bus but I can't afford a con itself and I know zero about The City and wouldn't knwo where to stay, how to get to the site,e tc.

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