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January 30 2007

(SPOILER) Fox reveals their programming for the February Sweeps. Includes information for several Whedon cast and crew related shows such as 24, Prison Break, Bones, The OC and Family Guy. ABC has also unveiled their programming for February sweeps, related shows include Greys Anatomy, Ugly Betty and Lost. Beware that the links do contain minor spoilers about upcoming episodes.

Bookmark this thread for upcoming updates featuring other networks programming for the february sweeps.

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After seven long weeks, it's nice to have "Bones" back on January 31st. It's a shame though that after three new episodes we have another break of two weeks. Fox sure knows how to stretch out airing 22 episodes.
Yeah, my short attention span has difficulty with this.
Different network and all, but without the lasting thrill of seeing Nathan back on the small screen (with Evangeline Lilly no less) I would probably think that LOST had been cancelled by now. The short beginning with the long break hasn't exactly stoked my interest in seeing where Season 3's heading.
Can't wait til tomorrow ... Have really missed Bones. There are a few promos floating around and it looks to be a great ep.
I didn't know there was a Whedon connection to Family Guy. What is it?
Seth Green does the voice of, erm, the son. Whatever his name is.

I can't remember what the current connection to OC is tho...
Oh yeah! I knew that, but completely forgot about it. Thanks.
Here are the current season connections (for actors, consider recurrent characters or one shot characters that are somewhat important to the episodes they appear in):
24: David Fury (producer and writer in BtVS, Angel and Tales of the Slayers), D B Woodside (Robin Wood in BtVS) and Eric Balfour (Jesse in BtVS)
Prison Break: Wentworth Miller (Gage in BtVS)
Bones: David Boreanaz (well, Angel in BtVS and Angel, duh) and Tamara Taylor (River's Teacher in Serenity)
The OC: Melinda Clarke (Nandi in Firefly).
Family Guy: Seth Green (Oz in BtVS)
Greys Anatomy: Marti Noxon (Writer and Executive Producer in BtVS)
Ugly Betty: Christopher Gorhan (James in BtVS)
Lost: Drew Goddard (writer in BtVS and Angel and Tales of the Vampires), Sam Anderson (Holland in Angel), Daniel Dae Kim (Gavin in Angel). Onto upcoming guest stars Bai Ling (Jheira in Angel) will appear and Nathan Fillion (Caleb in BtVS and Captain Malcolm Reynolds in Firefly and Serenity, duh2) will return.

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I just noticed another tie to Prison Break... was re-watching Season 5 of Buffy with a friend and in "Spiral," Wade Williams, who plays Captain Bellick on Prison Break, played Captain Gregor... the leader of the attacking knights.
Isn't the actor who played Principal Wood still on 24 as well?

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