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January 30 2007

Christopher Moore did intensive research for his latest book on vampires. He watched all seven seasons of "Buffy" and five of "Angel." Moore, a hilarious writer who's latest book, "You Suck," is a sequel to his previous work "Bloodsucking Fiends: A Love Story," had to do his research.

"Joss Whedon is a really good writer, and I had to see what he'd done. I changed a few things in You Suck, because some things had already happened on Buffy."

I love Christopher Moore, his books are hilarious. Though my favorite was "Lamb", "Bloodsucking Fiends" was also good, and I can't wait to pick up his latest. I wonder what scenes he had to take out because they already used them in Buffy.
I love Christopher Moore. My Mom was laughing out loud while reading his book "Lamb" in the waiting room while I was having minor surgery (which as you can imagine attracted some attention). If you knew my mother you would understand the power of Moore.

My fave is "It's A Dirty Job". One of the characters named herself Darque Willow (possible rong spellink)
I'm in the process of reading his book Coyote Blue. So far, there have been at least three times when I've laughed until tears came. Glad Moore has an appreaciation for Joss's work.
"You Suck" is hilarious, I'm nearly finished it, I think it's even funnier than "Bloodsucking Fiends". "Dirty Job" was great too. Might be my next is "Lamb" since the Whedonesquers love it :)
Note: "Lamb" pushes the blasphemy button for some Christians (accent on the some)
I love it when the blasphemy button is pushed. It should be pushed more often as far as I'm concerned. "Lamb" is now on my list of must reads.

I love you guys. :) **Alcohol was not a sponsor of this message**
Yay, the blasphemy button! Religion is such great comic material. (Just saying: Life of Brian, the Simpsons, well, the list of amazing stuff just goes on and on and on and on!)

Joss always pushed it pretty mild, but I always really liked his mild digs at Christianity. Last night for example, when I was watching the Harvest I came across the line: (I'm not sure it's exactly this): "Contrary to popular belief, it did not begin as a paradise", I had forgotten that one, made me laugh.

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To this day, the turkey bowling just kills me. I can't look at a floor waxer without thinking of the Animals either.
Just an FYI for all Coloradans - he'll be at the Lodo Tattered cover TONIGHT at 7:30. If you get a chance to go see him - do it! He is hysterical in person. And he is very very kind to all of his fans. And his fans are kind of interesting. To say the least. Also - as an additional fyi he researched the hell out of Lamb and tried to be as theologically and historically accurate as possible. It's a fun read.
I love Lamb as well! and I have A Dirty Job checked out from the library right now, and I vaguely remember reading Blood-Sucking Fiends years and years ago. But Lamb is totally his masterpiece.
Err, Groosalug, thatw asn't a dig at Christianity. Those Christians who even take Genesis literally read it as sayign the Garden ofEeden was a fairly small place (not much bigger than Belgium) and Adam and Eve were only there for a few days. It's the occultists and lost-continent people who see the ancient earth as a paradise and I think Joss is the kind who knows that.
Uhm, isn't Joss just putting down Christianity as just "popular belief"? Atleast it seems that way to me, Christianity is a popular religion, and as far as I now it says the world started as paradise.


And now I just listened to the commentary and Joss says: "That's pretty much a dig on Christianity, saying that there is more going on than people know about, and I thought people would object to that...but we never really offended too many people, at least not right away."--

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