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January 30 2007

(SPOILER) Sundance Interview: Nathan Fillion on Waitress and Firefly. It has an audio transcript you can download. Looks like a pretty good interview. Has spoilers about the movie. So you've been warned.

If this is a double post please delete.

Great interview! The story about the cowboy made me wince though. *g*
OK, as much as I dig the "fan interview", would I be a putz if I said I'm looking forward to Nathan getting to do an interview with someone a little higher up the journalistic foodchain? He's always so gracious with these folk, sometimes more than they deserve (this particular guy isn't one of them, he did well). I'm just sayin'...he's ready for his PREMIER magazine or ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY moment, isn't he? And if the answer to the "putz" question is yes, then I won't say it.....; )
I'm sure with the premiere of Drive and the release of Waitress it is only a matter of time before Mr. Fillion starts receiving some very serious-i'm-a-big-freakin-superstar-put-me-on-the-cover-of-GQ press. I think this is his year.

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I like this interview a lot. The interviewer was a knowledgeable fan, so that the questions were pretty good. Lovely long interview too! I'm glad he prefers TV to movies. Maybe he can talk Joss back.

FS: I was going to ask, do you think fans of ‘Firefly’ or even fans of Slither and your very differing roles would ever have a chance of being interested in Waitress?

NF: They better be - or they're no fans of mine!

Classic, Nathan, classic. :-)
Show me a release date. Soon.
Ack. jclemens, you have a </div class="quote"> instead of <div class="quote">
A really enjoyable Interview, but I got such an empty feeling when the Interviewer asked about
"anything further on Firefly?", and received that empty-sounding...


:- (
VerseRoamer, Nathan *has* had Premiere magazine AND Entertainment Weekly moments. He has been photographed and interviewed for both.

Here's the url for Nathan in EW:,,1111196,00.html
kerfuffle, Loved the interview. Not a double post. I hadn't seen it anywhere yet.

I am keeping the quote about "no fans of mine" in case I read about any Firefly/Serenity/Slither fan who isn't going to see Waitress. Like they wouldn't like a comedy/romance if they loved Firelfy/Serenity/Slither. It is all there--comedy/romance.

Here is another "Classic, Nathan" bit from the interview in response to all he is working on now is TV:

NF: Sorry, that's all!

FS: Well, I love seeing you on screen!

NF: A Sundance movie, major motion picture, and a television show, that's all I got.

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