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January 31 2007

(SPOILER) Preview pages for Runaways #25. The first four pages are now up from Joss's first issue. ETA: Preview now taken down.

I *SO* can't wait for this. the Runaways were made for Whedonizing, and the first pages are proof.

it might just be a nice spring after all...
I seem to remember BKV urging people not to post these on his forum because they contain spoilers for his final issue, so I'll probably pass until I read #24. Dammit, I so wanna do with the clicky...
Yeah, BKV said that. That is the only reason I have not read them yet. FYI, these have been scanned from the most recent edition of MARVEL PREVIEWS.
Love it.

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From what I remember, PopCultureShock posted these pages last week and then they disappeared and then obviously they resurfaced. If Marvel are happy with them being online then that's fine, if not well..
Looks pretty good. Michael Ryan's artwork is very similar to that of the excellent Arthur Adams, which works for me.

Don't really need to comment on the writer, do I?

And I think the She-Hulk's boobs look just fine. Of course, I was reading her book back when John Byrne had her skipping rope, naked.

You had to be there.
She wasn't really naked.
I just saw the new inker for Runaways, Rick Ketcham, in Richmond at a convention on Sunday and he told me that Marvel made him sign a contract saying that he would not show any art concerning Joss's run on Runaways.
These pages do spoil for the last of Vaughan's own story arc, but I needed to see the art work (which I love). I've very excited about Joss taking over, this is going to be very exciting!
Must... be strong... Must not... click link... Good things come to those who wait!...

April can not come soon enough!
A new Whedonscript in February (Astonishing X-Men), in March (Buffy) and in April (Runaways). Has fresh Joss ever flowed fanward at this brisk a pace?

Want all three now. And a new series. On TV. And a movie. Two movies. And some novels. And an album/musical. Installation art. An assortment of refrigerator magnets. And a daily wake up call. Nothing fancy, just something extremely funny, startlingly original and heartrendingly true. Get Sarah Michelle Gellar to voice them. Come on! You know her!

Seriously -- impressively prolific for a guy with two little kids at home. Awesome, Big Purple Dude! Thank you in advance for your consideration.
I tried, but couldn't stop myself from looking. It's great!

Pointy - we won't just have a new Joss every month, the best thing is that in April alone we will have three different Joss comics... and then again in May, and again in July.
Shrimp. Shrimp show up again in a Whedon-thingy.

It's uncanny. It's peculiar. It's downright... Whedon-esque...

I await the appearance of bunnies in an upcoming issue of Runaways.

This is one of the few comics I'll be reading...
The preview went away again I think. That's kind of fortunate that every time I'm just about to give in and read (or just look at, so I convince myself) at least a page, the page gets taken away so I don't have an option.
Thanks for the heads up orangewaxlion, I've added an ETA to the subject line.
the Runaways were made for Whedonizing, and the first pages are proof.

The first pages are proof of nothing - they're very re-cappy.
I'm still waiting on the third hardcover to complete my collection before I start buying the monthlies with Joss' first issue.
I found another link to the preview pages here, don't forget its a spoiler.
crossoverman - It is mostly re-cappy, but it very good. I thought it was a nice way to start the new chapter in the Runaways history. This is my impression of the story:

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