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February 01 2007

Youtube video of the new "Drive" promo. The first promo with the new cast (including Nathan Fillion!) is now up at youtube, courtesy of Orangepenguino. The quality isn't great, but it's up for viewing, and definitely worth a look.

It was terrific, getting to see that. I'm sure a PVR-quality version will be up soon.
Great to see they're actually planning on promoting it! Can't wait for it to start.

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Hard to tell with the quality, but it sounds like Amy Acker's voice at the end (the "misunderstanding" line).
Actually...I thought the voice at the end sounded more like Summer Glau;)
I was so excited (and surprised) to see this promo last night.

For the first time in EVER, it seems FOX is properly and confidently promoting one of their shows.

Even if there were no 'Verse ties, I'd plan on watching Drive based solely on that promo.

Very excited.
The voice at the end is actually Melanie Lynskey and was originally synced up with the video of her being arrested. The sound seems to have become unsynced. (I swear it was all synced up at first.) If you want a cleaner version (of the same video), it can be downloaded from

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Thanks, Penguino!

I believe the unsyncing of audio is a fairly normal feature on YouTube.
I find it annoying that fans are having to upload promo videos themselves to Youtube. That said, the network are really behind it, but they're being S-L-O-W with the new media stuff.
There's another vid of the same promo here.
I don't know about the rest of you but I know exactly where I'm going to be on April 15th.
That said, the network are really behind it, but they're being S-L-O-W with the new media stuff.

That's probably because the show doesn't air for roughly another 75 days. The network is being wise, IMO. You don't want to saturate the marketplace many moons before a show airs. People tend to get impatient and wonder why they haven't seen the product yet.

It's better to ramp up the promotion gradually, first with promotions sprinkled throughout the network's (and nation's) top-ranked shows, and then moving online as the time nears. It's a fine line to walk, and I think the PR for Drive is to be commended thus far.

Plus, I think the music in the promos is pretty awesome.
You don't want to saturate the marketplace many moons before a show airs.

Oh, I'm not saying they should, but at least placing the TV promos on YouTube seems sensible to me, rather than random people gawking at poorer quality ripped versions.
I do agree with that -- I think it'd be smart for more networks to embrace YouTube in such a way.
I saw this last night while watching FOX (yes, I do still watch FOX - can I blame it on the kids?) and it looked totally awesome. Even if I didn't already know what it was, I think it would have caught my interest.
As much as I'm lovin' that Fox is running promos for Drive so long before its debut and on the most popular show on TV (and, unless I'm completely crazy, the promos on Tuesday and Wednesday were different! 2, yes, 2, promos!), I die a little inside each time thinking to myself, What if they had done promos for Firefly like this? :-(

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