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February 01 2007

The Whedonesque Valentine's Day Horror Story competition. To celebrate the upcoming release of Eric Wight's first graphic novel "My Dead Girlfriend", we've come up with a great competition for you. All you have to do is tell us your most mortifying Valentine's Day story.

For being so supportive of his work over the years, Eric Wight is launching an exclusive contest for the loyal Whedonesque community to promote the release of his first graphic novel, MY DEAD GIRLFRIEND. Share your horror story and heíll share his: post your most mortifying Valentineís Day misadventure (in 250 words or less) on by February 14th and be entered to win one of these killer prize packages:

1st Prize: A signed copy of MY DEAD GIRLFRIEND, signed 11 x 17 teaser poster, and an original drawing of the winnerís favorite character from the book.

2nd Prize: A signed copy of the book and poster.

3rd Prize: A signed copy of the book.


Finney Bleak lives in a world of horror -- literally. His family are ghosts, his classmates are monsters, and Finney is the most normal kid in school. But within the halls of Mephisto Prep, normal is the new weird and Finney dangles from the lowest rung of the social evolutionary ladder. Then along comes Jenny. Smart. Beautiful. And totally into Finney. Only problem is, she's kind of dead. Jenny may be the ethereal object of Finney's affection, but their corporal differences keep them apart. As if young romance wasn't awkward enough, try getting frisky with a ghost. Just how far will Finney go to be with his true love? Let's just say not even Death can stand in his way!

Available in stores February 6th, 2007.

Celebrity endorsements!

Joss Whedon

"MY DEAD GIRLFRIEND is a perfect combination of the whimsical and the morbid. It's a warped, macabre view of high school that is absolutely accurate, except for the weird fantasy element of having a girlfriend. A delight."

Jane Espenson

"A fun, hilarious, and surprisingly touching carnival ride set in a fantastically complex world that remains grounded in very identifiable human emotion."

Jeph Loeb

"Poignant, funny, and terribly clever, Eric Wight's MY DEAD GIRLFRIEND is a bold step in storytelling. Imagine Joss Whedon meets Tim Burton with a healthy dose of something entirely original and you get just to the first page of this unique and wonderful tale. The rest can only be called magical."

Preview the first two chapters online at

Read about the book in this Newsarama interview


Visit Ericís website

Remember to post your story over at and not as a comment in this blog entry. The closing date for submissions is February 14th, and winners will be announced on February 28th. International entries are accepted. Must be 13 years of age or older to win.

My Dead Girlfriend © & ô 2007 Eric Wight & TOKYOPOP, Inc. All rights reserved.


[ edited by DarenG on 2007-02-01 18:37 ]
Okay, so that is very cool, you tease you. *g*

Nice. Thanks for letting us know!
Well get your creative writing caps on, I know we have some very talented writers here :).
Question:does it have to be funny?
As long as the story is mortifying that's fine. So it can be funny or not so funny. I've been dumped several times on Valentine's Day. Some people might find that amusing, me not so much at the time. But I can laugh now about it.
Hm, so it has to be a true story then? Or can we make something up?
If it's made up that's fine. Stuff that's happened to me, people would think was made up anyhow. For instance if I submitted a tale of how a long lost unrequited love turned up at my office one day to renew old feelings well people might believe it but feel it was a bit cliched.

If I proceeded to say that she suggested we leave earlier and go for a drink then people might get more interested. But the date was doomed from the start. Walking to the pub, we noticed work men on the pavement holding Stop/Go signs. The sign turned to Stop, she and I and several others stopped on the pavement. A work man turned the sign to Go and we walked on. Only then did I wonder why the work man had an ear piece. Then wa young lady approached the two of us saying "You've been the victim of a practical joke for the Patrick Kielty chat show". Needless to say, my long lost love was not amused and the great romantic date fizzled out very quickly.

So you see, it's great when a girl you've always fancied visits you out of the blue. But the Gods will always make sure that nothing will ever happen by making you the victim of a TV show practical joke.

And that is a true story.
Simon a girl who can't find the humor in a situation like that does not sound worthy of you.
Thank goodness I read through the comments! I thought it had to be a real story, and since I ignore Valentine's Day, I got nothin' real to report ... Rubs hands together with glee.
2 questions:

1. So, we post our story here in this thread to enter?
Or in the thread? Sorry if this is a naive question... but I'm kinda new. If it's the latter, does my membership ID and password here work at the .org site as well?

2. Are there any restrictions on language/content? As in, cursing or sexually suggestive content?

Not that I have anything in mind just yet but if I'm going to give it a whirl, I'd like to know the rules.


[ edited by TommytheZombieSlayer on 2007-02-02 02:57 ]
Oh by oh boy. A chance to be publicly mortified again. Simon, et al, you do know how to treat us right!
TommytheZombieSlayer, yes the story has to be posted over at and you will need to create a new account to join up for that site (but that's relatively painless).

As for restrictions, well I wouldn't be expecting an all out swearing and sex fest. I'll ponder on this matter some more.
Well, I wasn't asking for carte blanche to write some pornographic vignette where every other word was F**K... just wondering if there were restrictions such as it had to be suitable for a pg-13 or R rated audience. For example could I use the word "F**K" without cheesy asterisks.
I would keep it at a pg-13 rating, so cheesy asterisks all the way. For an interesting (well not really) insight into how this was decided, I looked at this Fiction Ratings guide.
Argh! Must have! Must have!
Hmm, your topic is almost falling off the page, Simon. Any way you can keep it somewhere visible so people don't forget the contest? Peeps, don't leave me hanging out there alone, now.
Once it goes off the front page, I'll be linking to it from the side bar. In fact, I'll do it now.
Grrr Arggh. Finding it hard to tell a good story with less than 250 words...
Simon, question. Will the contest be canceled if there aren't a minimum of entries by the 14th?
Well there's four entries so far so I reckon that's a good sign that it won't get cancelled.
I know, I'm one of them, but three prizes and only a handful of entries doesn't seem like much for the judges, whomever they may be, to choose from. There are some pretty brilliant writers on this board. C'mon guys (remember it doesn't have to be real, just creative).

[ edited by Tonya J on 2007-02-07 20:48 ]

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