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February 01 2007

For Valentine's Day, the CLICKER celebrates "Guy Love". Angel and Spike make the short list.

Had the show continued past season 5, I believe their relationship would’ve driven the show to true greatness."

Too true, sadly now were never know. :(

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As much as I am always happy to see the Whedonverse make lists like this just to keep it all in the public consciousness, I cannot really agree that Angel and Spike fit the criteria. I do agree they probably would have by sometime in season long as we consider the not having a physical relationship part important only in the present tense. ;-)
I love JD and Turk's relationship on Scrubs! The Guy Love duet was hilarious.

Angel and Spike definitely have that old married couple vibe going on. I think the interplay between them was one of the highlights of season 5 (which was admittedly chock full of highlights, but still). The famous cavemen vs. astronauts debate kind of epitomizes it -- only two people who've spent waaaaay too much time together could argue like that over something so trivial, lol. I can easily imagine JD and Turk getting into that debate but with them, I think there would be less yelling. :)
but i'm not sure about this "completely platonic" requirement....
I'd have gone with Jack and Daniel in Stargate as well. Abyss was possibly the greatest male friendship episode for any tv show.
I think ATS was an excellent show, but I tend to agree with this reviewer. As we were getting close to the end of season five, Spike and Angel's relationship was really going somewhere special, that you don't see on TV everyday. It's just a shame that we couldn't see it continue and grow.
This is a quote from "A Sense Of The Ending: Schrodinger's Angel" which can be found in "Reading Angel":

"One of the most completed arcs of Season Five is the process whereby they accept that they are, and always have been, the best of friends, in spite of apparent bitter enmity and mutual betrayal, just as Angelus said they would be on their first meeting."

Spike and Angel argue like an old married couple. And while they do have a history, much of it bad, on some level they really do care about each other. There's no way they could have made it through Season Five if they didn't.

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No matter how strongly both would deny it, I think there was definitely some "guy love" in Spike and Angel's relationship. I wouldn't say there was "guy like", what with the need to insult and irritate each other, to occasionally beat the snot out of the other one and so much brotherly competitiveness, but the blood connection, and the fact that they survived as long as they did, did make for some sort of bond. Their give and take had so much potential that I'm all sad now thinking about it again. I guess "everything comes down to poo" in one way or another after all.
Awww, that's so sweet. Just makes me want to seek out the first piece of A/S fanfic I come across and read it...just because.
The Angel/Spike relationship was my favorite part of AtS season 5. I don't ship them (I'm more of a Spesley girl) but I loved how the dynamic the two of them created.
Yes, the relationship between Angel and Spike was quite interesting, I agree and I don't ship them either, I'm a Lindsey/Angel girl.
I totally ship them and continue to grieve the loss of season 6.
The Angel/Spike relationship is definitly one of the greatest examples of guy love out there. That was one of the major things that catapulted season five above the previous seasons to become my favourite season of Angel- can't get enough of that (platonic- well, mostly) relationship. Especially the astronaut/cavemen arguement. Classic! :D
The Angel/Spike relationship in S5 remains to this day my favorite boy love story in all of television.

And how swai is that picture in the article?

Also? Platonic my firm yet supple tight embraces.

*insert random Torchwood reference/joke here*
ohhh menomegirl...i like the way you think!
Does anyone else see the Geico insurance cavemen commercials and think of Angel and Spike?
Angel and Spike do not fit the 'Guy Love' criteria. They were lovers from the begining. It's to bad there wasn't a kiss. That would have answered that question.If the sire change hadn't happened,Angelus totally turned William into a vampire. Anything else in my opinion did not make sense,and if there was season 6 and more then the Angel/Spike relationship would have been truly great.
Am I a shipper? Spangel all the way! My name says it all.
"Does anyone else see the Geico insurance cavemen commercials and think of Angel and Spike?"

Hehe, yes. :D
I'm not a shipper of anybody but I have to agree that it seems clear the relationship has not always been platonic between those two. On the other hand, I would be really surprised if it was anything recent. So I guess the question is how far back do we have to go to meet that particular criterion? ;-)

"Angelus totally turned William into a vampire. Anything else in my opinion did not make sense"

This statement always intrigues me. To me it makes perfect sense that Dru sired Spike. The look on her face in Fool for Love as she watches William walk away always strikes me as someone looking not at him, but at the vampire he will be. The only reason I can come up with for Angelus to sire William, is to have a male to dominate and torment. He could have picked just about anybody for that. When I consider why Angel would have chosen William to sire, and compare it to why it looks to me like Dru sired him, I find myself liking the Dru scenario better. After all Angelus being the alpha male of the group still got to dominate and torment him. Angelus also was good at taking advantage of opportunities given to him by others. He sired Dru because of who she was, Dru, becuase of who she was, was able to deliver to Angelus a vampire who retained an unusual amount of his humanity making him that much more fun to torment. IMO it just adds more layers. I like layers.
It is interesting that people can watch the same tv show and see two totally different things. When Dru was first introduced
there was no mention of her being Spike's sire. Why? That would have been the time to say it. In the begining Angel was the only one to be called Spike's sire. Not grandsire just sire.
Joss wrote in Lie To Me, "Um, she's called Drusilla, a sometime paramour of Spike's" If Dru was Spike's sire all along why didn't he say it in Lie To Me?
I like layers too and Dru as Spike's sire falls flat.I did not see Spike and Dru's relationship like that on screen.Spike talking about Dru in Angel season 5 was awkward and totally unblievable. Their relationship was never like that. What I and tons of others saw was Angel clearly being Spike's sire on both shows. What gives it more layers is Angel being Spike's one and only sire.
Until either Joss or David Greenwalt,who wrote 'You were my SIRE man! You were my....Yoda!' in School Hard,get tired of the question of who really sired Spike and offer some insight on this there will always be disagreaments and different points of view.
i think we can agree that all Angel and Spike fans care a lot about the characters,which is awesome considering they weren't going to be lasting characters on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.In my opinion Angel and Spike are the most interesting characters on either show and Angel being Spike's one and only sire is at the heart of it.No pun intended,vampire heart and all.To me no matter what Angel will always be the one that really did turn William into a vampire because that is what came across and what was written on Buffy. 'You were my SIRE man!' is in the consciousness of more fans than not and from that point of view it makes more sense to a lot more people than not that Spike's sire is Angel and that can not be taken back.

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