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February 01 2007

More Buffy guests at New York Comic Con. Elizabeth Anne Allen, Larry Bagby, Dennis Christopher, James Leary and Jonathan Woodward will be also attending New York Comic Con...

... YAY!

Sweet. This is turning out to be quite the event. Glad I bought a pass. :)
I hear some Buffy novelist or other's gonna be there, too. *whistles*
Oh yes, how could I forget the amazing krad and Christopher Golden. Here's hoping you'll sign my copy of Blackout.
*grumbles* I STILL CAN'T GO!!! :-( Have fun everyone who does, though. :-)
Totally off-topic, but Stephen Colbert will be there too! I wish I could go!
hmmm ... krad ... who would that be? ;) lol
This is so sad because I'm going to be in the city on the 24th, but Saturday is sold out :(
hitnrun017: Of course I'll sign your copy of Blackout. Look for me at Pocket Books's booth, er, at some point. (I think I'll be doing signings on Friday and Sunday.)
Good thing I got my Saturday pass earlier this week.
I'M GOING! (and clearly you all must now think I am insane ;-) Look for a short, dark-haired, smiley gal tagging along with Chris Golden and that will probably be me! Make sure to say hi!

Oh and Tom Sniegoski and my cousin Eli are going to be there too apparently! Whee! I'm delirious with excitement!
I never thought Liz did cons . . . .
I'll be there! I am beyond excited. This is going to be amazing. Stephen Colbert AND countless Jossverse alums? I can't wait!

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