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February 02 2007

Firefly Poetry in DIAGRAM. Poems about Mal and Wash are in DIAGRAM 6.6. Kevin Oberlin writes in "Mal," "If I recover, expect me to get a few things off my chest/the tight pants improve my range of motion."

You know we've had some great links so far this year. But for me, this is the find of the year so far. It's beautiful, thanks for posting.
Um, can someone explain how this diagram thing works? I am not that artsy fartsy :P
Wow. Those poems were just gorgeous.

First time through, I read each column from top to bottom, starting with the first column; they made sense that way. Then I read the rows from left to right, starting with the top row; the parts seemed to fit together better in this direction. And then I tried reading the cells on a diagonal; that's lovely too. (Try reading "Mal" from the lower left corner toward the upper right.) Finally, I realized that you can read the cells in any random order and the poem is still beautiful.
Thank you, Kevin Oberlin and saturday dogs. Every combination is lovely. I agree, Simon, this is a super find.

I'm especially fond of the four poems I assembled from the two diagrams, using just the four corner texts of each diagram, starting with the upper left hand corner and going both clockwise (one set of two poems) and counter-clockwise (the other set.)

Criminy, they're good.
Those--any and all combinations--are amazing.
These are really nice indeed. Thanks very much for posting them!

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