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February 02 2007

SMG's movie 'Suburban Girl' has a release date. This film was formerly titled The Girl’s Guide to Hunting and Fishing and comes out on May 24th.

It looks like they are taking the same approach that The Devil Wears Prada took last summer which was released the same weekend as Superman Returns.

Suburban Girl will be released the day before, Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End.

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Another example of a good if not great movie (and, I realize, book) title being axed in favor of something bland. "October Skies" originally was called "Rocket Boys". "It Could Happen To You" started out as "Cop Gives Waitress $1M Tip". Intriguing and memorable titles dumbed down to forgettable blah-ness.
I agree. If the book became a bestseller with that title I don't see why studio execs (or whoever makes these decisions) thought that it would be detrimental to the movie...

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I agree, except that Suburban Girl is even a worse title, as it has nothing to do with the premise. So not only bland, totally meaningless.
May 24? That's a Thursday. Hmmm...

angel fan- I'm pretty sure Suburban Girl was a story in the book, but I do agree it's a terrible movie title.
Suburban Girl does have to do with the book. The chapter of the book the movie is mostly based on is "The Worst Thing a Suburban Girl Could Imagine".

So it does make sense they would change it to Suburban Girl. However, I don't disagree that it's a bland name and Girls Guide to Hunting and Fishing would be more recognizable. Hopefully the studio would highlight the fact the movie was adapted from Girls Guide.

Memorial Day weekend is a good time to open a movie like Suburban Girl. I'll go see it, along with Pirates 3

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Since there's already a Romantic Comedy out called "Catch and Release", I imagine they thought the themes would be too similar(?)
Ok, take back comment about it not having to do with premise. Was the book 'short stories'? Or was she a separate character in the book?
angel fan,

It's been awhile since I've read it, but the book followed the main character, Jane, through different stages of her life and her relationships with the men in her life. Including her father, which I think that chapter focuses on her dad and her older boyfriend Archie.
Well, the title may scream "focus group decision" to me, but it may get a boost thanks to Alec Baldwin getting a lot of praise for his work in "30 Rock" (not to mention "The Departed" too). As for putting it on a day before the third POTC movie, it will help people have a chance to see them both. However, it will also have to deal with Spider-Man 3, which I think would be in theatres for two weeks by the time this movie is released.
I'm not surprised the title of the movie is bland. The book was PLENTY bland on its own. I couldn't be bothered to finish it.
More SMG on the screen is always a good thing. Can't wait to see this on the screen. Don't care what they call it.
More SMG onscreen, yes, and in a different genre--what to call it? Dramedy? Romantic tragicomedy? Anyway, anything but fantasy-scifi-horror, which are all fine, but after the ScoobyDoos and Grudges, I thought she might be getting typecast. So, I hope this film does well enough. I'm sure no one expects it to be a blockbuster.
And actually playing a character with a Jewish name for a change. About time.
Not quite sure what the meaning behind that comment is. Sarah's name might be Jewish, as was her father (who she had very little contact with). But she herself isn't and neither is her mother. It's not really Sarah's fault if none of the roles she has been attached to have involved characters with Jewish names... and given that she's playing one in this film even with the character having undergone a name change for the film version... it clearly isn't something she has an issue with.

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Actually there are non Jewish Gellars.

Admittally there aren't many but it's the reason why people had to find out more about her family before making any connection
And actually playing a character with a Jewish name for a change. About time.

I fail to see how this is relevant or even appropriate for this discussion.
I always love to tweak The Biz and I'm not fussy about how I do it.
Ok, Pirates is out, and "Suburban Girl" is nowhere to be found. Does anyone have an idea when we can expect to see this in theaters?? I haven't even seen trailers on television. I have seen the trailer on and now I'm chomping at the bit. This movie is a "twofer." It's got SMG and Alec Baldwin, two of my favorites. By the way, I read the book and the whole book isn't as good as the two minute trailer of the movie.

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