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February 03 2007

Jane Espenson's episode for "Battlestar Galactica" scheduled. Jane Espenson's second episode for Battlestar Galactica is tentatively scheduled for February 18th. It's titled Dirty Hands and is co-written with Anne Cofell Saunders. And a heads up from Pliny, according to The Futon Critic Jane 's new show "Andy Barker, P.I" will air March 15th. It'll replace "30 Rock" for its initial run of episodes.

Notice appears in the upper-right hand corner in the New and Noteworthy box.

A genuine thanks to you here at Whedonesque for recommending BSG. I've become addicted to it. I can't wait for each new episode. Now, there's even more anticipation for a Jane penned episode. One of my favorite writers writing for my favorite show.

This should be GREAT- Anne Coffell Saunders also penned "Pegasus" *grumbles over its Hugo loss*, I bet they'll make for one hec of a team. :D
In order to keep all the Jane goodness in one place, I've merged Pliny's thread to this one. I read recently Jane is editing an anthology of House essays. But I can't remember where I read that. So if anyone else can help me out this one, I'd be very grateful.
Is Jane the show-runner for Andy Barker, PI?
MySerenity, the Futon Critic article says that Conan O'Brien (YES!) and Jonathon Groff co-created it. Conan + Jane = Something Good, so I'll definitely tune in. Besides, just the idea of Andy Richter as an accountant doing PI work had me laughing. This sounds cool.
Jane Espenson AND Battlestar Galactica AND Amy Sedaris all in one news bit. My day just became a whole lot brighter!Whee hee hee!
I read recently Jane is editing an anthology of House essays

Oh. My. Err, not God but something appropriate for me ;). This is gonna be a 0-day purchase for definite ('Finding Serenity' was great and 'House' provides as much, if not more, room for the same sort of essays).

Must confess to not feeling like 'The Passage' was really Jane at the top of her game, scenes were great but I just didn't feel like the whole thing held together as well as it could've. No doubt she'll knock it out of the park on the second time of asking though.

ETA: The only mention I can find of the 'House' essay collection is here where it also mentions a second set of 'Firefly' essays. Happy days.

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