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February 03 2007

The happy couple. Alexis Denisof and Alyson Hannigan. Could there be anything cuter?

They are cutiepies. Random factoid: I only found out recently Aly's dad is called Aly Hannigan -- confusing much -- and is quite a prolific poster online.
That picture is really nice. I live in Philly. I didn't know that one of them had family here. Interesting.
Very cute picture, but I was afraid the headline about the hold-ups referred to them! Luckily they weren't held up, they didn't hold anyone up, and they probably enjoyed a smoke-free room
Admittedly it's not the best placed headline and photo of all time. But still cute pic! We need Alexis Denisof back on the telly.
I'd love to see Alexis back on the box. A recurring guest role on something like Battlestar Galactica or Lost would suit me just fine. The guy is just too good an actor to not be seen on a regular basis.
I can't tell you how nice it is to see that joyful pic after seeing A Hole In The World again last week on TNT. It's taken me days to shake the sadness.

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They are a rare happy pair in the other wise turvy-topsy world of celeb couples. They make me happy just looking at them...
Aww I live in Philly! Thats fun! They are just adorable!
Geez. When I started to read the headline of this thread I thought it was going to say that Aly was pregnant. Anyway, they look as cute as ever. Could Alexis be any more handsome? He always looks so blissful when they are together. Those two are swoon-worthy, for sure!

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At first I thought they robbed the grill...heh.
Gosh, they do look so in bliss, wish them the best:) And I agree, would be a sweet day to see Alex back on the tube again. Wonderfully talented actor.
Alexis on TV! Alexis on TV, with Doug Petrie as exec!
"Admittedly it's not the best placed headline and photo of all time..."

I scanned through the whole article, if you can call it that, trying to figure out what their pic had to do with the first paragraph. The answer was nothing.

Did someone get paid to make that page? Cuz I can do better than that and I'm the first to admit my incompetence as a human bean. How do I get a job with the philly news?
It's just the local gossip page with little blurbs about famous people around town. Most every newspaper has one. Not that I'm especially compelled to defend the Inky, which has gone dramatically downhill in the last decade, but the page isn't really different from the ones in the SF Chronicle or the NY Times or similar papers.
Alexis Denisof and Alyson Hannigan. Could there be anything cuter?

Alexis Denisof, Alyson Hannigan and fluffy puppies!
Better watch out. If Alyson and Alex get too happy together, Joss will just write off Alex's character... Oh wait.
Haha, quantumac. Good one. This is the other reality. You know, the real one. :)
Heh heh. You funny.
Goodness, they definitely are the cutest. I do think they have a shot at continuing happiness. After all, they don't live near a Hellmouth or work for a mega-Evil law firm. Though living in Hollywood may be just as hostile an environment for success in love . . . but they do look very happy. My money is on them!
I'm glad the pic didn't have anything to do with the story. The juxpostion of the 2 had me worried for a minute. I was, like, whoa, what a time to be without super powers.
Tonya J, if you were sad after A Hole in the World ran on TNT, get ready: Monday morning is Not Fade Away. :-(
Best series finale ever! I tear up just thinking about that last scene.
Could there be anything cuter?


I'd like to see Alexis back as airheaded Sandy Rivers on How I Met Your Mother....but yeah, a starring role in a new dramatic series would be better.
Tim, get this man on Drive! I miss Alexis on my TV.
Well, like most sensible people they live a good distance from Gollyweird; =Sacramento in their case. (Kirk Douglas in My Stroke of Luck has pointed out that the smarter among the younger stars get as far away as they can get while still beign able to work.) Then again 4 years married and about 3 dating steadily;it's a good run for The Biz but not a long one yet. But I have confidence in them; there have been more lasting unions in Holllywood than you might expect.

I got the impression that particular column is in the Daily News not the "Inky" ...same company tho. I read the latter most evenings at the library after covering the Morning Call.
Oh, was it the Daily News? Well, even worse. No wonder. Still, a very cute picture.

I didn't know they lived in Sacto. I haven't lived in California in a long time but it seems as though there are nicer places that aren't Hollywood. i guess I'll have to rethink my opinion.
I'd like to see Alexis back as airheaded Sandy Rivers on How I Met Your Mother...

cjl, kinda' missed the turn there. Explainy?
Alexis dropped in on Aly's series for two (three?) episodes as the perfectly coiffed but terminally dim co-anchor of the Robin character's news show.

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