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February 04 2007

IDW Comic Solicitations for May. Amid Transformers titles galore, May sees the release of two collections: Spike Asylum and the Art of Angel (the latter being a hefty $75 for 160 pages).

The cover art for the Angel book looks like Photoshopped WB cast promo-pictures. Otherwise, apparently no new Angel titles during the month of Buffy episode 147 (aka issue #3).

It seems that IDW is giving some time to build up upcoming projects, including Brian's new LS, that was announces a few days ago.

It's great, which gives me time to catch up. IDW titles are finally arriving down here in South America, on a closer to regular schedule. I'm almost up to date with Asylum (still on #3).
That is a whole lot of TransFormers material. Almost all reprint material, though. Only one new comic that takes place in the IDW continuity. (And even with that one I'm guessing--wish they'd indicate that somehow.)

And obviously, I shall be getting Spike: Asylum. :-)
Spike Asylum, yay!

I have to say I find the cover artwork for that Angel compilation cover a tad awful.
Overall I have been VERY pleased with IDW;s Angel books. Sure some of the one-shots starring the "supporting" cast were a bit dodgy, but most have been either good or great! Especially the Spike graphic novels have been over the moon. Brilliant!

Numfar PTB you mention "Brian's new LS"...what is that.

In other Angel "news" have anyone here seen The Dresten Files....can we say "Angel Season 1". What about upcoming pilot at CBS from Warner Brothers and Joel Silver "Twilight" the synopsis reads "Private investigator/vampire struggles with the repercussions of immortality, vampire adversaries and his love for a mortal"...!!!!

I have been a bit out of the loop on this site, so maybe you all have been talking about this plenty already.
Oh, one thing I wanted to say as well. The first Angel mini from IDW had very interesting cover art by guys like John Byrne, Ben Templesmith etc, etc. I would not complain if we had some future covers by let's say Brian Bolland, Charles Adlard or George Perez.

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Numfar PTB you mention "Brian's new LS"...what is that.

Me and my abreviation-fest.
LS = Limited Series, aka Mini Series.
Brian Lynch's next Angelverse related mini series, Spike: Shadow Puppets was annonced in this thread, a couple weeks ago.
But as the Solicitation for May points out, it's not quite slated to be released in May 2007.
Numfar, Shadow Puppets is scheduled to start just a month later:

"In June, Spike and Lorne will set out on a field trip to Japan to investigate the latest television craze—"Smile Time!" But like Angel learned last time, sometimes strange things happen when you tangle with puppets." (
Oh wow, can't believe I missed the news on 'Shadow Puppets' (don't always pay as much attention to stuff with the spoiler tag). Sounds/looks very cool (here's the full #1 cover from IDW's 'art du jour' section - which presumably means it might not be up there permanently so get it while it's hot ;).

And Spike: Asylum concludes this week. And lo there was much w00tage and the opposite of wailing and gnashing of teeth. Also, no rending. Verily.

(anybody know what, if any, extras will be in the Spike: Asylum TPB ? The annotations from Mr Brian Lynch Esq's myspace would be very cool as well as the usual sketches etc.)
Can I recommend, to anyone with any Transformers love in their hearts at all, Target 2006. It comes from the original Marvel UK run which is what many consider to be the one true Transformers comic continuity. That story was the start of some of the best comic book storylines I ever had the pleasure of reading whilst growing up.

The stories are actually already available in complete trade paperback form at Amazon which may be cheaper and easier to collect than this new IDW run but whatever form you choose to read them in, you should give them a try.

Don't let the fact that these comics were based on a line of toys fool you. The writing, artwork and characterisation from the UK stories was some of the best around of it's day. Great stuff.
I'm hoping IDW have an Angel mini in the works as well as the Brian Lynch/Franco Urro Spike series that's already been announced.
Now that's magic ! (scroll about half-way down to Chris Ryall's post).

Any chance you could 'hope' I had a million pounds and a Bugatti Veyron ? ;-)

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