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February 04 2007

Diamond Select interview, including Buffy and Angel figure questions hinting at important news on the future of the action figure line coming soon, probably after ToyFair.

Frak... Battlestar Galactica figures too? I'm going to need a bigger house.
Excellent tip, thanks.

Mike Leavey's statement that the Buffy line "will take some drastic turns" soon corresponds to retailers reporting that the Oz/Drusilla/Principal Wood series has been canceled. ***UPDATE: the wave has not been cancelled, Diamond has only cancelled the orders for the wave while it reevaluates the situation.***

My expectation has been that Diamond Select Toys will continue to develop and release their new "Deluxe" line of highly-articulated figures, and cancel their "Substandard" line. But the interview makes me wonder if they might announce something even more radical at Toy Fair -- perhaps even Buffy figures in the same scale as the Stargate / Trek / Battlestar Galactica figures. Cylons better watch their shiny metal asses, if Buffy is in the same 7" scale with them. My own action figure collecting tastes have definitely moved on to Galactica, but I'd get some Scoobies to help the fight.

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Me, I want a Diamond Select Spike in a straightjacket figure, with Betta George accessory. But that could just be me.
Brian It might then interest you to know that a chap on one of the Buffy toy figure boards did make a Spike Asylum custom. Aww, the little guy looks so cute!

After all this time I still can't figure out how to make a link, so you'll just have to cut and paste into your browser.

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Given that the Buffy line has experienced occasional scale creep (Fred was 7" scale despite the line being 6" scale, so she was as tall as Wesley, and the recent Cordelia is as tall as Xander) 7" figures would be annoying for long-term collectors but not surprising.

Forbidden Planet have the Oz/Dru/Wood line in their catalogue.

I'm still hoping for a release of the accessory packs myself.
I got an email from on Friday that said:

Diamond announced today that due to low sales, the Oz/Drusilla figure wave, along with the Previews Exclusive Principal Robin Wood figure, have been canceled due to low sales.

I haven't seen anything else to confirm this yet, but they were right when they said the same thing about the snow globe and the Book of Darkest Magics being canceled.

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