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July 26 2002

International Buffy MeetUp Day is set for August 1. 179 people worldwide are signed up to attend local meetings of Buffy fans. Somehow a suburban Chili's restaurant just doesn't seem like the right venue. Maybe the Doublemeat Palace instead?

Well I just signed up, so that makes it 180 people now, but there's only 4 of us in the Lone Star state, and I may not make it cuz for me that's a workday. Would be fun to participate though.
I removed myself from MeetUp because the e-mails were driving me nuts.
My 3 choices of 'meet up' were such horrible dives---not even REAL vamps would hang there. ;( Maybe next time?
If you don't like the venues they offer for your area, they are taking suggestions for future locales. I think originally the people who run meetup were just using some like thing to find public establishments throughout the world near major cities, but they haven't actually done any critical evaluations of these places, so some places are bound to be dives. By participating, you can improve their list of meetup places.

I would think this could be an ideal way for to make money. Convince establishments throughout the world to sign up with them & for a regular fee would put their establishments higher on the list. This wouldn't necessarily improve the listing, unless they got really cool companies to sign up with them, but it'd be an ideal way to make revenue. Better than popup ads, that's for sure. I imagine if they made some kind of advertising partnership deal with places like Bennigans, Chili's or TGI Fridays they could also get those establishments to publicize them in other ways, thus increasing their own clientele.
"Your Buffy MEETUP near Dallas-Fort Worth, TX is NOT happening this month because less than 4 people confirmed by RSVP'ing."

Ooh! Poop! I think I scared'em away. =(

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