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February 06 2007

Serenity: Required Geek Viewing. According to TechBlog, Serenity is one of "Fifteen geek movies to see before you die."

I'm not so sure I agree with parts of their description of the movie...

Even if you've never watched the Firefly TV series, you owe it to yourself to see Serenity. It's easily the best Star Trek movie that's not a Star Trek movie, and you don't need to be versed in the characters to get what's going on. In fact, even if you didn't follow the series, you'll still weep when one of the major characters dies. This movie is smart, funny and hits the right balance between serious action and fun camp.

But at least they included Dark City on the list.

If they'd said Star Wars rather than Star Trek I'd see their point (and I think it's a better Star Wars movie than 1-3...) but hey. (And I'd have put Evil Dead II on the list rather than Army Of Darkness and I wasn't all that keen on etc. etc. etc.)
Personally I think that Serenity blows both Star Trek and Star Wars out of the water. For the time they were originally released they were very good indeed but I honestly don't think either franchise is a patch on the likes of Firefly/Serenity, Farscape or Battlestar Galactica.

Don't get me wrong. I have no doubt that all three of those series were massively inspired by the likes of Star Wars and Star Trek, but at the same time I think that almost everything you see on television or at the movies today was based on or inspired by something else. What really matters is the quality of the new concept and if they do something fresh and new with the basic idea.

Star Wars and Star Trek never really did anything for me whilst Firefly/Serenity, Farscape and BSG are essential viewing. Seems a shame to me that they continually live in the shadow of the old science fiction faves, especially in comparisons, when they actually are so much better. Can't wait for the day when you see a Star Trek movie described as "the closest you can get to Serenity without having Joss Whedon involved".
I tried watching Army Of Darkness and was bored to tears. Though, since I never finished it and never plan to, I'll never complete the list. And maybe that means I'll LIVE FOREVER.
Wow, am I the only one that loved Army of Darkness?

"This is my BOOM STICK!"

Hee hee.

Glad to see Shaun Of The Dead and Office Space on the list. Great films, one and all.
I didn't think it was possible to be bored during Army of Darkness. I mean, it has an army of skeletons! And Bruce Campbell! It's brilliant.

I love most of the movies on this list, aside from Brazil. Now that's my definition of insanely boring.
All I want to know is how you can make an essential "Geek Movie" list and not include Blade Runner.
*Dons Trekkie hat*

Spock doesn't give the Vulcan death pinch to the punk on the bus. He gives the punk the Vulcan nerve pinch. There is actually no such thing as the Vulcan death pinch/grip.

*Removes Trekkie hat*
Aww, I like Brazil. I found it pretty compelling. I was actually assigned to watch it when I was writing my Master's thesis.

I didn't really find Army of Darkness funny or entertaining at all. Of course, I'm not really a fan of the Spider-man movies either (though I do like the second quite a bit more than the first.) Maybe I just don't like Rami's sense of humor.
Since we're talking about it, I love Army of Darkness. I do think you need to put your goofy shoes on to enjoy it (whether you don your Trekkie hat or not is entirely up to you). Anyway. I would argue though while AoD is a geek movie, I don't think that the character Ash is really a "geek" per se. I would class Ash as a dork.

Oh, um, and go Serenity!

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Army of Darkness. I mean, it has an army of skeletons! And Bruce Campbell! It's brilliant.

Bruuuuuuuuce! ;-)
"Personally I think that Serenity blows both Star Trek and Star Wars out of the water." - Roxtar

Are you talking smack about Mr. Spock? Nu-uh.
Serenity was better than the Wrath of Khan but no way was it better than the Voyage Home.

*ducks before people start throwing things*

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Oooh... things to add to my Netflix queue!

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