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February 06 2007

The things you have to do to watch Buffy. Faking illness on Thanksgiving in order to watch a Buffy marathon? That's a given.

Come tell us the lengths that you went to so you could watch Buffy on the telly.

I have to secretly watch it in my closet so my vampire parents won't find out. For some reason they just don't get this show.
How about this guy, lying about his dying child just to get a ticket:
Well, I wasn't quite a Buffy fan yet, but I was so tired from work, school, and the play I'd just finished, that I prayed and prayed and prayed and yearned for an ice day so I could stay home all day without having to take a vacation or sick day.

I'm convinced it iced over by sheer force of will, and as it happened, I'd just picked up Buffy season 1 to find out what the fuss was about. Twelve hours later, the ice thawed and I immediately went and bought seasons 2 and 3 on DVD.

And also, this is my first post after joining about a year ago and I really think all of you people are extra swell.
I have to secretly watch it in my closet so my vampire parents won't find out. For some reason they just don't get this show.

hehe- mine didn't either.....and they especially didn't get why I shelled out $150 for "The Chosen Collection" having never seen the show before. Of course they then watched a little and started to get it. Sort of. I think my mum thought Buffy would be a bad influence. :D

When I discovered Angel it was airing three episodes in a row every night starting at 11- I sacrificed a lot of much-needed sleep to see it first time through. :P
All the things I've done to watch Buffy.
Taken vacation time to be off work. Bought a region free DVD player. Bought every season on DVD. Switched Satellites. You should have heard the guy when I said I was switching because they didn't carry UPN and Buffy was on UPN. He offered me 100 bucks to stay with them. Sorry Charlie, no can do.
Had my antenna fixed and last but not least, cut down a tree in my backyard to receive my signal on my new and shiny satellite system.
I was just getting into the show when I was entering college. I was downloading the old episodes off the internet (in my defense, this was before they came out on dvd). So sometimes I'd skip class when a episode finished downloading right before I had class so I didn't have wait until class ended to watch it. Considering the cost of my tuition (22K+) at the time, I'd say that was a big sacrifice.
I watched the first few episodes of Buffy 'cause an acquaintance was in it, and I wanted to be able to say something nice about it to them. I got involved in the show from the beginning and kept watching it, but didn't tell any of my (so-called) peers, because it was a "kid's show." I lied by omission.

Once several of us had "confessed" to each other that we watched and liked it, I got more comfortable owning to my enjoyment, but most people didn't really get how much I liked it. I did not answer the phone while it was on. Nobody could talk at all during the show. I watched repeats and shows in syndication endlessly. I stayed up and skipped sleep.

Once it was off the air, I bought seasons in DVD one at a time - on Friday evenings. I'd watch on and off throughout the weekend, and usually stay up real late, but always had episodes left to watch at weekend's end. I called in sick or took a personal day on a Monday - each Monday during viewing sessions for seven season purchases. Same for buying Angel. Firefly I managed on a Friday night and Saturday day.

I called in sick one day at another job to read Watchmen, and another day to read North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell, so Joss is in very good company.

(Betsy, congrats on your extra swell first post and please, please do get working on an ice day here for us in Southern California, okay?)

ET: fix apparent aphasia episode...

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1) I faked a sprained ankle so I could miss rehearsal for a musical I was in to watch Hush.
2) I was so distraught after The Gift aired that I cried all night and called into work the next day.
3) I called my boss and told her I had a flat and would be about an hour late to work so I could watch the end of Becoming pt. 2 on F/X.
Wow I really need professional help!... yet still I will be making sure that my register is out of quarters so I can go to the bank, which is around the corner from the comic shop the day the season 8 book comes out.
Thanksgiving Buffy marathon? That's how I first got hooked on Buffy! It was Thanksgiving 2002 and nothing's been the same ever since.

What I've done to watch Buffy:
Checked the seasons one through three out from the library and loved them so much I kept putting it back on hold until I realized I need to own them.
Downloaded episodes before their release on DVD.
Desperately searched for anybody with cable TV at specific times of the day.
Spent too much money on season 5 because I couldn't wait for to deliver it to me when it was released.

Wow, this brings back so many memories. Ah, good times.
When the Buffy S1 DVDs came out, I bought a DVD player from Best Buy specifically so I could watch them. That's not that bad, though. My sister and I went in halfsies on an Xbox later that year so we could play the first Buffy Xbox game.
Had weekly Buffy parties, with no money for refreshments. Eight people showed, knowing this (and bringing various food and drink, which was very cool), and a friend of my man's who had no clue.

Right before commercial, one poignant scene. The friend made the mistake of sarcastically saying "Oh, boo hoo hoo..." at the end of the scene.

Ten heads swiveled in unison to look straight at him with stares of stony hostility.

An (unworthy) friend was lost that day.

Hey, it is what it is, yo? There is NO show since, worthy of such worship. And nobody even had to say a word. The guy left immediately.

Heh. Fucking philistine!!
My mother ship made it's final pass through this solar system and I missed my only chance to return to my home planet just so I could stay to watch the remainder of season 7.
Napua, just think, if you'd gone back to your home planet, not only would you have missed the end of season 7, you probably wouldn't be able to get the season 8 comics.

I see I'm not the only one to buy a DVD player, specifically to watch Buffy.
I almost skipped my high school graduation, it was on the same night as the series finale. You could see why it was such a hard decision ;).
I have stayed up until 2 o'clock at night once to watch OMWF (stupid BBC broadcasts everything really late for Europeans). That was when I realized I just had to buy the DVDs.

And, though I did not do this to watch Buffy, but I got myself a creditcard specifically in order to be able to import the Firefly DVDs from the internet (Buffy DVDs were on sale here anyway). Afterwards it has come in useful at other occasions too though :-).
I almost skipped my high school graduation, it was on the same night as the series finale. You could see why it was such a hard decision ;).

Well that's a no-brainer! The Buffy finale only happens once you know! :P
napua, I think I love you. Your planet must be the Planet of the Funny.
I feel so puny and wimpy to say my Buffy challenge has been taping FX every morning and fast-forwarding through promos for Dirt and The Riches. :-(
(stupid BBC broadcasts everything really late for Europeans)

Those buggers ! If I were you i'd ask for my licence fee back ;).

I think I once got a pretty bad static shock while turning the TV on for Buffy. Erm. Missed the odd after work pint ? Mmm'k then. *quietly joins billz in inadequacy corner*.

(OK, for 'Chosen' I did unplug the phone, close the curtains and promise myself not to so much as rise from the couch until it was over unless the house was on fire. A big fire, I mean, not just one or two floors. It was the very last one, after all. Measures had to be taken ;)
Saje...I took a vacation day off from work. I was not getting stuck there for ANY reason that night. I know just what you mean about measures needing to be taken. Don't want to wear out the Buffy references but you know, Wild Horses and all. Wild Giant Dawns maybe, horses, not gonna budge.

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