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"Is everyone here very stoned?"
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February 06 2007

Diamond Select New York Comic Con info. Diamond Select Toys added the times that we can meet the Buffy stars and there's more 10th Anniversary goodness as well.

I wish they were signing either a little earlier or later, since my true reason for going to NYC is to see Wicked at 2pm, but I'll try my best to see them. Still going to be a great time, though. :)
sigh, I wish I had a pass for Saturday as well, but it was sold out.. =/ I'm still going to be in NYC that day, and it is going to be painful to know that I'm so close yet so far from so many actors I adore. But at least I'll be there on Friday for the trivia! I'll meet James Leary! Awesome! Oh man I am soo excited for this. But it still sucks that I can't meet Nick Brendon and the rest..

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