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February 07 2007

Like a bad penny - the made up Sailor Moon rumour returns. Rubbish stories will never die (unfortunately). Despite the "Joss to direct Sailor Moon" rumour getting thoroughly discredited last year, it's back with a vengeance (now with added spelling mistakes!).

I hate linking to drivel like this. But this is a pre-emptive one-off thread so it can be laid to rest once more. Though I have a sneaking suspicion that several film blogs will treat this as gospel.

I saw this last night and I laughed. And laughed and laughed and laughed.

And then I cried because I love Sailor Moon and those are the worst casting picks EVER. And they forgot Pluto.
Ridiculous. I don't see this happening. I hope those actresses aren't cast if this does happen. OKay, I can see Emma doing the bad thing, but the others...ugh.

I secretly want to be a Sailor Scout
I think we need to blame the guy those geek weekly people interviewed at Wizard World last year. Remember he was dressed up like Joss Whedon, he mentioned the year before he came as Sailor Moon. It was at that time this last rumor surfaced.
Does anyone else find it slightly ironic that in this blogger's previous blog he call Joss an "Overrated Hack", and yet in his next blog he's posting links to a Joss directed Sailor Moon movie that he knows isn't real?
That interview came after the rumour surfaced last year. But the Geek Week interview was the funniest thing ever!!

Here's the link if you've never seen it.
I know it was after Simon, I was just pointing out the guy looked like Joss and actually said "Sailor Moon" which some people might say that was a hint. Need to find that guy and get this cleared up. I think he was purposely stirring the pot.

Joss directing something about a blond girl who's a below-average student by day and saves the world from demons and monsters that feed on the lives of humans by night (while wearing a short skirt and boots), along with the the assistance of her circle of friends (one who is luckily very book smart and good with computers), a wise guardian with a (in the English dub) British accent, and an older mysterious dark haired man/star-crossed romantic interest with a penchant for wearing black and occasionally becoming really evil?

Nah, I don't see that working. Besides, there already WAS a live action Sailor Moon TV series in Japan.

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Of course this is an absolutely ridiculous rumour. No way will Joss have time for this when he is already linked to the live action Pokemon movie due out next year.

Disclaimer: I take no responsibility for any future "Joss Whedon To Direct Pokemon" articles that may be written and/or posted here in the near future.
Only if Jessica Biel will take the role of Pikachu. I smell an Oscar.

I will confess an previous obsession with Sailor Moon. I was young! (And they should've bothered to at least cast correctly. Mischa Barton? Maybe as Sailor Jupiter. Though there is some sick part of me that really wants to know who these rumor starters see as Tuxedo Mask.)
As a bonus the previous thread link brought several chuckles as I read the fun things we mentioned in that one :)
Hey, I still enjoy Sailor Moon (the original Japanese version, at least) and I'm not that young anymore. The more recent live action series was very entertaining, with some arcs being downright awesome. Besides, you've got to respect a series that spawned a whole genre by placing girls in the stereotypically male sentai roles.
That “tip e-mail” read a lot like the Spam I always get in my inbox. Are they sure there wasn’t a jpeg for some drug prescriptions attached to it?
Nah, I don't see that working. Besides, there already WAS a live action Sailor Moon TV series in Japan.

Yep, And they even had Sailor Moon close to killing or killing (can't recall, been a while since I watched that) her black clad souldmate to save world from being destroyed.
Hah, maybe someone can brew something up, and we can start a rumour that Joss is writing and directing a live action version of Cowboy Bebop.

Wait... Space with Western elements, where have I seen that before?
Nope, never, not even once *cough* IMDB *cough*.

Doubt this'll be the last of this one either.

[ edit ] Saje | April 26, 11:11 CET

(my emphasis - whichever way you cut it)

I can see the footooor !

(seriously, i'll make up divine lottery numbers for a small charge. OK, not seriously. And not small either. The charge bit's true though)

Also, why is the Japanese Navy all female ? I think it says something about the perversity of the cosmos that the only navy i'm even vaguely interested in joining won't let me in. Stupid universe.

And hey, lay off the drug spam ! I don't know what 'Vaulium' is but at $2.65 it's a steal.
The writer* of this article published an article at the weekend calling Joss a "hack".

* Writer is used in the British sense of the world.

Other words about Whedon from Slashfilm:

"I have never liked Joss Whedon."

"Yesterday we reported that Warner Bros has purchased a spec Wonder Woman script. While many people were reporting that it was a legal move to keep the material off the streets, we reasoned that the studio probably wasn’t happy with Whedon’s effort. And guess what, we were right. I hate to gloat, but it’s Joss Whedon, and that makes me happy." -- Slashfilm

Which, I must stress, is their opinion. Which I'm fine with. Although if this rumour turns out to be true (a little bit of me sniggered inside), you couldn't have a stranger source.

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Read through all the comments on his anti-Whedon blog. He pretty much admits he's never watched any season of any Whedon show start to finish. It's like he saw the teaser for WTTH and decided he hated Joss Whedon and all his work from that.
Yep, I've posted about this guy before. I have to invoke the 5th Whedonesque Amendment every time I look at this blog (i.e. no personal insults).

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