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February 07 2007

TV: Catching up with the Buffy cast (Part 1). A nice little two-part article that highlights what some of the Buffy alums have been up to since the show ended (project-wise).

Sorry if this is a repeat. I just found it and I don't remember seeing it here.

Wow... Tom is out there!
I didn't know Tom had a myspace! Sweet.

Um, I think it's kind of funny he makes it so you have to know his last name to send a friend request to him. As if that's so hard to figure out! ;)
... Sarah Michelle Gellar has mostly resigned herself to starring in artless horror flicks

I don't think that's necessarily true, Mike (writer of the blog). Suburban Girl (her most recent film) isn't horror. Also, you have to look at economics from an actor's point of view. Certainly Sarah wants to keep working steadily and probably takes projects offered that are of high enough quality to interest her. Also, she just doesn't seem like the kind of person to give up and resign herself to anything, although I can see how it could appear to someone on the outside looking in that she isn't exactly networking with say, Martin Scorsese's people to get cast in a top feature film (roles she is certainly able to do).

Is there a Buffy stigma? Do top directors look at Sarah and think, "Oh, the Buffy the Vampire Slayer girl" ? If they can't see her obvious talent from that show and films she's made, something is seriously wrong someplace.
I imagine Tom's going to be hit hard with friend requests in the next few days. Including the one I sent him. *grin*

Loved the Trudy clip!
I think Tom's Trudy is just preparing us for what Joss talked about back in 2004, Andrew the Musical. It's a wmv file clip from Wizard World Chicago Q&A.
Anyone notice that Danny Strong is one of his top friends?
Unfortunately, Tom is only adding friends who actually know him in real life. Darn. I'm harmless!
Thonya J....I couldn't agree more but then *I* would watch a movie about Sarah selling fruit along the highway. SMG is wickedly talented. She just needs to meet up with another writer as wonderful as Joss to bring it all out.
My wife and I desparately want to see Emma's "Bandwagon"...any ideas on how/where/when that might happen?
I certainly agree that SMG is phenomenally talented...

but I hate her.

Remember the Buffy wrap party? That wacky thing the cast, crew, and staff throw to celebrate the culmination of a TV show? Sarah never showed. Check the pictures.

She's never in the Buffy DVD commentary; too busy doing Scooby Doo 4.

Joss describes James Marsters (whose character I dislike) as 'a joy to work with,' and the only thing I've ever heard him call Sarah (whose character I adore) is 'professional.'

I'm pretty sure 'professional' is industry slang for 'heinous bitch.'
I'm pretty sure 'professional' is industry slang for 'heinous bitch.'

Yay. Name calling. Always a sure sign of great conversation. There's always one in the crowd, I guess.
Alex2459: Whedonesque isn't a place for bashing actors. This is your first and only warning on the matter.
I've read Joss say other things about SMG, good things I add quickly, other than "professional". Plus, it occurs to me that being known as "professional" is much better than being known as a drunken lout. And I think drunken louts are fun (I know I should get out more). Plus I would put SMG in a scene with Stephen Fry anyday.

So until Tom Lenk starts giving Capital Hill pages dance lessons, Make Mine Marvel!
I'm not going to respond directly to Alex2459's post, as that would be pointless. He/she is allowed an opinion and regardless of whether I happen to agree or not agree, any reply I gave in Sarah's defense (like, y'know, movie commitments and stuff) would be no more than my own opinion on the matter. I've no interest in starting a major debate about the conduct of Sarah with Alex2459 or anybody else for that matter.

I would like to comment on the zero tolerance given to actor bashing around here, as demonstrated by Simon above, which I think is an essential part of why I bother posting around here.

Everyone has an opinion about a given subject and everyone has that right, of course. What that opinion often lacks is information, especially when you are discussing the life and choices of another individual and even more especially when that individual is not a close family member or friend of yours. The way that the celebrity world works today and the way that the media gives us an almost minute by minute account of their lives means that we sometimes get the mistaken impression that we know these people and have enough information to judge them.

What needs to be realised is that we really get only the surface of any given celeb's life. The few facts and details that they choose to give or that the intrusive media likes to dig up for us. If you then allow yourself to believe that you can accurately judge a person by that small, and often biased, amount of information then you are doing both yourself and that person a great disservice and giving the media a lot more credit than it is due. Personally I think this is a mistake. Which is why I don't read the tabloids or the celeb mags.

So whilst there is nothing wrong with having an opinion, I tend to think that you should balance that right with the need to make certain that your opinion is truly valid and based on fact. Until everyone is able to do that then I think that the Whedonesque policy for bashing actors is not only the right thing but actually essential. It's a pity that more online forums and message boards don't enforce the same.
Someone needs to give Emma Caulfield something awesome to work on. I hate to see such sharp comic timing go to waste.
Does anyone know when/if we'll ever get to see Bandwagon? It would be a tragedy if it never got seen.
I'm still waiting for Nick's film, Unholy, to show. And waiting, and waiting. Despite the fact that I'm not a big fan of SMG, I don't think all of the flicks Gellar has been in are "artless." The camerawork on The Return is absolutely amazing, and it is more or less a one-woman show she does there, which is an enormous amount of pressure. Very few actors can pull off having the camera in on them, fairly tight focus, for the vast majority of the film. She's probably in all but five minutes of it.
Just to add to Tonya J's post, Sarah also has "The Air I Breathe" and "Southland Tales" coming out, neither of which can be described as an "artless horror flick".

[ edited by witchlover on 2007-02-08 18:04 ]
witchlover: discussion of whether a post should be deleted is a matter reserved for email and not actually to be discussed onsite. So please do drop us a line on the subject.

Now if we can all get back to the original topic in hand that'd be super. Cheers.
Emma also co-starred in "I Want to Marry Ryan Banks" on ABC Family (I believe) and starred in "In Her Mothers Footsteps" on Lifetime Movie Network (the only thing I've ever watched on that channel). I remember her being believable as a mom and having very good chemistry with the actress who played her daughter.

Add me to the list of those who would like to see "Bandwagon" in one form or another.
Good to hear what people are doing. Needless to say, I hope things pick up for those for whom things are slow. Have to say I don't think that SMG is the type to resign herself to anything either. She seems to be working the career pretty well.

In other news: I'm with Roxtar...not physically...just in agreement with the opinion that it is always easy to judge other people, even though we rarely have enough information to judge the actions of those closest to us, much less anyone else who is just living their lives as best as they can.

That is one of the things I like about Joss's writing, his use of dramatic irony combined with humanity's tendency to judge others. Characters make judgements all the time based on their own perceptions. They usually do not have all of the information, but almost always think they do. They make mistakes and I think the idea is that the audience becomes more aware of the fact that they also need to be careful about makeing judgements about other people in real life.
I am eager to read the rest of the article. It is always nice to see what the Buffy Alum are doing now.
Sorry Simon, I've edited my post and sent the email.
As Tonya J & witchlover pointed out, SMG has quite a few diversified films coming up that in no way could be considered "artless horror". To add to the bunch, there's also "Addicted", which yes has supernatural elements, but can not be considered horror. And her voice work on the "Ninja Turtles" movie isn't in that category either. Also some of the cast members she's been able to work with is notable too, such as Sam Shepard, Andie Garcia, and Forest Whitaker. SMG's career path seems to be nicely varied, so far after leaving Buffy.
It is sort of funny to me (strange funny, not ha ha funny) that these shows and the characters which inhabited them were so good that a lot of people stay interested in the actors' and writers' work after the show finishes.

And personally I don't care about the actors' private lives. As the character in the Stephen King story said; 'It is the tale and not he who tells it'
Except that here it's all about "he who tells it"...meaning The Boss-man, of course!

More seriously, I do get what you mean about actors' (and writers') private lives being their own business, and I agree completely.
Well said, Roxtar. Exactly what I was thinking and you articulated the point better than I would have.
As to what we know and don't know, I think that we can all assume that we know something about certain celebs whom I will not refer to by name but only as "bimboes of all sexes" who choose to act out such private lives as they have in the glare of the media, and I think it's fair to credit the other celebs we follow here as having a noticeabley higher amount of class than said bimboes. That's more repeating general knowledge that has been intnetionally made general than bashing.

As for rumors we've heard about any of the "Whedonvets" I can pretty much guarantee that on any show or movie you'll always find a certain portion of the crew and other staff who will make derogatory comments about one or more of the lead performers. Always. And even if it is true it doesn't affect me and it's none of my biz,even if I am for some reason interested in it.
I apologize to those I've offended. My comments were inappropriate and made under extreme stress. I've really just had an awful week, but that's no excuse to be rude.

I don't like her, and that's my opinion. Then again, I don't know her, so I shouldn't judge.
Good of you to apologise, Alex2459. :)

Personally, I wasn't offended. As I said, I think you are allowed an opinion and should be free to state it at all times. I just also honestly wish more people would hold off on giving opinions on things that they don't have all the facts about. Especially when those opinions lead to a negative attitude. It's like what I hear all the time from some of my real life friends concerning various bands we discuss.

Me: So did you hear the new single from "insert band here"?

Them: Nah, don't like them. Too emo.

Me: But have you heard them play?

Them: Nah.

Me: So how do you know you don't like them?

Them: Well, Kerrang said they were emo.

Me: Okaaaaaay...

That attitude just drives me nuts! Have an opinion but at least back it up by getting some facts about the subject at hand. If you can't get those facts then try to keep an open mind. It's only fair. I think the only reason I responded to your post at all was because of the fact you stated that you "hate" Sarah, which is a strong feeling to have considering what you are basing it on.

Sorry, sermon over. How preachy does all that sound? My gran always says that she wishes that I'd become a priest. She forgets that part of the job description is having to believe in God, which is the point where I would have problems. :D

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