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February 07 2007

(SPOILER) Bones gets a nice shout out from TV Guide's Matt Roush. Spoilers for tonight's (2/7) episode in the article.

I have really been enjoying this show; the squints have all received some interesting character developments. I feel a bit of trepidation with Boreanaz' Boone character being replaced in tonights episode... ..oh, and Adam Baldwin's guest spot last season was a treat. I'd love to see more whedonverse actors make appearances!
"Bones" has several TV critics along with TVG Roush that support the show. Bianco, 'USA Today', Duffy, 'Detroit Free Press', and Saunders, 'Rocky Mountain News' just to name a few. It's nice too, to see that today when Emily Deschanel was doing the interview shows that they referred to "Bones" as a hit show, which sets itself apart from the CSI pact because of the humor and heart of the show. It will be fun to see when David is on 'Regis & Kelly' and the TVG channel what is said about "Bones." I loved Stephen Fry and David in tonight's episode. The two could start their own comedy team. Fry had nice things to say about the cast in the Feb. 12th edition of TVG.
napau - there is typically at least one verse guest per episode, meaning they guest starred on one of the verse shows and then guest starred on Bones. If you want to see the list so far > click here.
Wow. I hadn't realized. Thanks!
The only thing I really want to add is that David deserves all the praise in the world and he sure does look good. I'm happy beyond words that his second series is a success.
I think that David Boreanaz' performance tonight on Bones was the best I've ever seen, he not only held his own with Stephen Fry, he was riveting. It was a subtle layered performance which was both restrained and intense. I really wish I had taped it, I will watch for the rerun so that I can.
I saw tonight's show and was so proud of David's scenes with Stephen Fry. Just wonderful. I saw that the Davester had it in him from watching those shows put out by that Josh Wheldon fellow, but seeing him with Jeeves was a minor highlight of my week. I wish they could make Stephen Fry a regular cast member.

So until they remake Twin Peaks with the cast from Buffy, Make Mine Marvel! (especially after Woeful Woman)
Bones is one of my favourite American shows around as it has a great combination of crime solving, humour and great characters.
"I wish they could make Stephen Fry a regular cast member."

I don't know about "regular" cast member, but he did say that they had made a good *start* so no doors closed on his coming back.

I agree DB did a lovely job in last night's episode and the previews for next week were intriguing. I liked the way they lured the audience in to thinking the new guy was going to be a jerk and then turned it around once you started getting to know him. They really are setting up some nice conflicts and interpersonal problems for the characters, especially Boone. I like this show more and more.
Not only did DB deliver some fine acting last night with Stephen Fry (!) he also pumped that evil clown full of lead. My Hero!
Not only did Booth kill the evil clown ... Bones got(maybe)it's best ratings yet. It won it's time slot with a 8.0/12 share ... I think that means 12 million people watched. Very important since FOX hasn't renewed it yet ... I also loved DB in this eppy (ok all eppys/shows :) ) ...
Bones ratings this year have been very good. I would be shocked if it wasn't picked up for next year.
What with me being a full bore coulrophobe, I would've thunk the clown assassination satisfying...tonicky even.

But my first thought, after the initial panic, was the clown will surely eat you now.


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