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February 07 2007

CNI has the scoop on Browncoat activities at WonderCon. The California Browncoats will be fund raising, hell raising, and consciousness raising at WonderCon. Direct link here: Podcast Episode 75.

Comic News Insider has some exclusive news about WonderCon with BIG news from the California Browncoats.

The CNI guys are the ones who did the Joss interview at ComicCon last year. Episode 48 if you missed it. They are wicked cool so check out their site regularly.

Seriously. I'm not kidding.

yes we do! a cali browncoat, Arielle, joins us to give the scoop on the event at WonderCon!
for those who can't download the podcast, the big news is...

For the first time ever the Browncoats are hosting an official panel at WonderCon. It is titled "Gender & Genre."

Our confirmed panelists (so far) are:

Amanda Sullivan, from Equality Now, as our moderator
Pia Guerra, comic artist for Y - The Last Man
Jane Espenson, writer/producer of all kinds of cool stuff - Buffy, Angel, Firefly & Battlestar Galactica

Our panel will be on Sunday March 4th in the afternoon. We will of course announce more details as they become available, but in the meantime checkout for tickets and general info about the convention.

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Double yay! I've never met Jane, and would like to see her.
And dont forget to stop by our booth and say hi!
When I heard that Jane Espenson would be there I rushed off to buy a WonderCon ticket for Sunday, only to realize afterwards that I have a prior commitment on March 4th *disappointed*.

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