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February 08 2007

Happy Birthday to our favorite werewolf! Seth Green turns 33 today, so lets all wish him a great day.

Wow, I had no idea he was so long in the tooth! (Man, I just crack myself up sometimes). Seriously though, enjoy your birthday Seth and know you are very loved by the people at this board.
Happy Birthday Seth!
Happy Birthday Seth!!

(i know, original, huh? But I mean it!) :
Ooh...a palindrome! Sweet!

*wink* Have a happy - but laconic - birthday, Mr. Green;D
Happy Birthday, Seth :)
Good age to stick at. My favorite number is 3, so I imagine I'll wanna just stop aging at 33. I like double-numbers too, ceasing the aging process was what I intended to do at 22 as well. Damn genetics.
Happy Birthday Seth.

I don't see the moon tonight.
Happy Birthday Seth. And many more. :)
I'm turning 32 later this year so It's always good to know when my tv heroes are of a similar age or older than I am. Makes you feel better about the years starting to pile up. Kiefer Sutherland turned 40 last December and the way I see it, if Jack Bauer can still kick ass at nearly ten years older than I am, I'm good for a little while too.

Hey, it works for me, okay? ;p

Happy birthday, Seth.
Happy birthday, Seth.
Keep on rockin', Mr. Green, you hard-workin', cartoon-voicing, Robot Chicken-producing, generally awesome dude, you! ;-)
Happy Birthday Seth.

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