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February 08 2007

Nick Brendon's 'Kitchen Confidential' finally to be released on DVD. The release date is May 22, and it looks like the only special features will be some interviews and a trailer.

I know I shouldn't say this but I feel under this strange compulsion, an irresistable impulse of a sort, so here goes:

I didn't know they made 14-minute DVDs!
I am looking forward to viewing the unaired episodes. I was surprised to read only 4 orf the 13 episodes aired. I watched the show, and would have assumed I had seen a few more than that.
Only four aired? News to me, too. I could have sworn I watched four, and missed a bunch.

I'm interested in seeing it, but I dont know if I can bring myself to buy something on blind faith in one actor...
Well, I think you may be forgiven for thinking more episodes aired, because, if memory serves, there were a couple of breaks in the run, as episodes were pre-empted or delayed. For myself, I managed to see two-and-a-half episodes. While there was certainly some promise in the series, it didn't work for me, and I won't be spending any money for DVDs, despite my affection for Bradley Cooper and Nick Brendon.
I'll definitely be picking this one up. Bradley Cooper, Nick and Michael Vartan guesting on several eps. I'm sold. That is too much pretty to pass up in my book.
Oh my god!!
I am one of the extremly few persons who actually ADORED this show. Wee!
I loved this show as well. Sign me up for this. Now I can get rid of the 13 eps of the show I have on my computer. :)
I loved kitchen confidential.
Its about time it came out. all of the episodes are good too.
I didn't think I would get a chance to buy it. and the downloaded versions are not that good of quality.
Oh very good. I didn't think this would ever get released on DVD.
I liked it, too. I'll probably pick this up (although it does seem to be on permanent repeat loop on Paramount Comedy over here).

As a side-effect, this show also made me curious about Bourdain himself, and I have to say his No Reservations is actually pretty good, too.
I'm happy about this news because the show was just getting good when it was cancelled. When I think of the show the thing that sticks out in my mind is Nicky's hilarious battle with the bread guy in the basement. I want to see that episode again, all the episodes that didn't air.

But, I still want to know: if Kitchen Confidential can be released on DVD, why can't The Inside??? There is nothing fair about that.
ESG, you read my mind. Yeah, The Inside on DVD next! 'Cause, Tim Minear goodness, yo. :-)
I only saw the first ep of this, and while it didn't entirely rock my world, there was definitely some promise.

I'll definitely rent it off the ol' 'net...
I watched all of these episodes (they eventually aired in Australia) and it's great! I'll definitely pick it up.

Also, Morena guest stars in one episode, so that's TWO Whedonverse actors to support!
imo, the series only got better after those first 4 eps. The episode with Morena Baccarin was awesome! I would definitely by the soon as I'm not so strapped for cash.
There were only 4 eps aired? I could have sworn I saw more. I was just wondering yesterday if the DVD would ever materialize! I thought in improved every episode. Hoo-ray!
It's just starting this week on cable in Australia. I did catch a few of the original aired episodes, but am looking forward to watching them all on cable.
I only wish there were going to be some commentary by the actors on the episodes. But this is a must-have for me because of Nick (I love me some Nick).

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