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February 08 2007

Big Damn Chefs Rise Again. Less than 2 months after the release of Big Damn Chefs: The International Browncoat Charity Cookbook, the Browncoat Relief Corps have announced a second cookbook in the works. Submissions will be accepted starting March 1st.

According to the Press Release:

The non-profit corporation which produced the original Browncoat cookbook, Browncoat Relief Corps (also known as the BRC), is working on coordinating the sequel volume, draft titled Big Damn Chefs Rise Again. The cookbook is a collaborative charity project, a collection of recipes submitted by fans (also known as Browncoats) and the cast/crew of Joss Whedon's Firefly television show and the movie Serenity.

As before, all proceeds will be donated to the charity Freedom From Hunger. Unlike before, they're looking for more than just recipes--short articles and artwork are also kosher submissions.

...short articles and artwork are also kosher submissions

I hope this was intentional.
I think it's hilarious that this was posted right after theKitchen Confidentialon DVD announcement.
The pun was intentional, but the post placement was coincidental.
I'm not seeing the press release on the linked site. BTW, I love my Big Damn Chefs cookbook.

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