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February 09 2007

(registration required) In the spirit of rediscovering how fun Valentine’s Day can be, Whedonverse and Beyond is inviting every member to participate in the latest contest of the new website.

As much as we like to promote new sites, what actually is the contest and do people win anything?
The launch post on this forum :

In the spirit of rediscovering how fun Valentine's Day can be, whedonverse and beyond is inviting every member to participate in the creation of the Ultimate Motivational Poster collection.

Live Journals are having a lot of fun experimenting...

We love our TV shows and the great characters in it; every member is therefore invited to either propose some motivational puns or contribute graphics that may trigger our creativity or to post a Poster of their creation.

You can do, any or/and all of the above, and enter as often as you want.

For those hesitating to work with graphics, any idea and text will be appreciated, so don't be shy!

We will have banners recognizing the best text (category 1), the best photo submission(category 2), the best poster(category 3).

Of course, this is open to any of our favorite TV shows, favoring ATS, BTVS, FIREFLY, but also including BONES, LOST, HEROES, SMALLVILLE, etc...

It will be great if Cupid could make an appearance here and there as a loose theme of inspiration but what we are looking for is for some heart, passion, and fun.

Thank you all for your participation and don't forget to post in this thread your contribution before March 1st, 2007.

Is it just me or does anyone else feel put off from registering at forums where you can't have a proper look around before joining up? I'm sure the above site is very nice and all but without first registering you can't see any of the threads, meaning that you can't get any idea about the type of people who post there or the quality of topics and discussions going on. Personally that makes me less likely to bother registering in the first place.

I just think that if a forum is open to anyone to join then there is little point making the threads private to non-members. Surely it deters more people from joining than it attracts.
Roxtar, it's not just you.
No, Roxtar I agree: I prefer sites of more general interest where lurking is possible (my favorite sites are Whedonesque and I know a lot of people enjoy the more exclusive feel of a private community where you have to join to read, but in my experience I don't end up staying involved or interested in those.

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