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February 10 2007

Julie Benz was on "Law & Order" last night. Anyone else catch Julie on the show? She played a minister's wife--!

At first I couldn't understand why she'd been given such a wallflower role... and then as the show progressed, it became obvious that no one would cast Benz in a wallflower role.

The episode was titled, "Church," and was episode 14 of the series' 17th season. It will probably be re-run on NBC in April... and then later re-run on TNT in perpetuity!

Yes, it's a very meaty part :) Yay, Julie!
I normally don't watch L&O (it's taken formulaic to new levels) but I decided to tune in after seeing Julie on an advert for it. I continued watching even though I had it figured out within five minutes who had done it. You're exactly right about the wallflower thing Valsadie. :)
That's a problem with L&O casting -- if one of the guest actors is a bigger star than the others, you can pretty much count on that actor's character turning out to be the killer.

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