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February 10 2007

New York Toy Fair photos from Diamond Select Toys showing forthcoming action figures, props and statues.

These include the supposedly-cancelled Oz, Dru and Wood figures, and a first look at DST's previously-secret "Revamped" Buffy and Angel figures which apparently have less articulation than the standard line but come with multiple parts to create different poses.

Dark Horse's Serenity gallery includes new shots of the three PVC figures, the model of Serenity itself, the first graphic novel collecting Joss's comics miniseries, and a Zippo lighter.
Good lord. Can they please release some more stuff I want in 2007, because I might have a few dollars left to my name that I'd be anxious to give away.

How many Willow items do I need? Apparently many.

(How freaking awesome is that book-sucking bust?)
Wow, those BUFFY figures are great. Really cool.
Very much looking forward to the release of the new Spike an Angel statues.

Love the door kicking in pose they've given Angel, and the Spike one has a good likeness, it's just a shame they only did him in vampface. Personally I would have preferred his 'human' look myself.
Impressive. Just when it seemed Diamond Select Toys had given up on the Buffy license, they have found inspiration.
I want Angel kicking down the door..... No actually I'd like them all.
I love the Oz figure and the stuffed Feigenbaum and Gordo.
It's pretty awesome to have Mr. Gordo and Feigenbaum. My first iPOD (R.I.P.) was named Feigenbaum. The Buffy figure look a lot more likenessy.

Wow, there ARE a buch of Willows. And while I don't remember her floating more than a pencil, I still like levitating Willow. Okay, okay, she floated when she was evil. And, is that a Kennedy figure?? Because you demanded it, folks!

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Yup, that's Kennedy. And Kendra as well.

Hmm - looks like "kicking in the door like the Season One credits" Angel is gonna be a big hit.
I think that Angel kicking down the door looks like him. But Giles still doesn't look like Giles and I so want a Giles for my library.
Maybe I'll get an Oz. He does look like himself, IMHO.
Wow. There are some extremely good ones in this. I'm still giddy over Mr. Gordo and Feigenbaum, but the Dru ones are great, and there are some wonderful Willows in this. I have to join in the general nodding of approval at kicking-down-the-door Angel, too. The library is terrific too.
Sideshow is releasing another Buffy Premium Format statue called the Alternate Edition. I love the first version, but not the hair. I think the hair looks much better in this one.
That group shot of all the action figures just makes me want to go in and buy them all. So many of these look fantastic, a much higher percentage than usual.
The "Essence of" statues are particularly excellent, as are the Drusilla figs

...and oh! did I want a better shot of Faith's knife.

How funny is it that they have a Gachnar fig? You can let all your other figs have a chance to stomp the wee man behind the curtain. I bet this one will be very collectable.

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