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February 11 2007

An interview with Firefly artist Jason Palmer. SerenityStuff conducts a great interview with the man who draws the really cool portraits of the Firefly cast. Find out about Jason's love for the 'verse and what Joss thinks of his work as well.

Nice interview, I never fail to be absolutely gobsmacked by his incredible work. How desperately I wish I had more disposable income for all of his 'Verse stuff.

(now, if only he'd do a print of the Into the Black crew - lol)
This morning while I was lying in bed I was staring at my Firefly cast portrait I have hanging on my wall and was just in awe of it. Best money I've spent in a long while and I love it to death. I despertly want to buy more of them, but I'll have to wait until I win the lottery. Then I'll be all over this.
I would LOVE it if he put out an affordable set of episode cards
cant wait to see what he does with Serenity, Out of gas etc etc
This is a great interview! I have the Serenity and Firefly prints and they're amazing. I'd love to have all of his firefly and serenity work. They are very striking images and he's a really nice guy as well!
I have the River one, which is gorgeous, and my hubby bought me the complete set for Christmas - I just wish he would hurry up and get them finished so I could actually HAVE them.

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