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February 11 2007

Adam Baldwin ran into Michael Muhney of Veronica Mars. Michael posted to his LiveJournal about meeting Adam Baldwin at a double feature in Santa Monica.

I haven't been following VM, is he not on anymore? He never blogs like he is...
I think he's still listed in the credits and good luck to him on getting that new role but that kinda worries me that VM isn't going to be renewed which wouldn't really suprise me anyway.

Hee. Shitty ratings and shows to good for TV. Word
He's definitely on; he's a series regular now. He's actually been in it more lately (last two episodes-ish) than even Wallace, who is definitely a main character.
Let's play the "What Shows Film in NY" game. Hmmm.

Here's a list I found, taking out the news shows like 20/20:

Black Donnellys
Blueprint New York City
The Bridge
City Classics
Cool in Your Code
Knights of Prosperity
Law & Order
Law & Order: Criminal Intent
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
Rescue Me
Reservations Required
Secrets of New York
Six Degrees
The Sopranos
Summer in the City
What's Cooking at Gracie?
30 Rock

Some of these, I don't know what they are so I left them in. Is CSI:NY canceled?

Whatever it is Michael, BREAK A LEG!
Wallace? There's a Wallace?

Actually, the long mystery of this season is, where has Piz hidden Wallace's body, and how long is it going to take Veronica to realize that her best friend hasn't been seen in months.
I doubt CSI:NY is canceled it's typically the highest rated show in it's time slot and on CBS for the night.
Actually Tonya J...CSI: New York isn't filmed in New York, but in LA or something. They do film exterior stuff in New York with and without the cast for the various episodes.

At least that's how I personally understood things...
Next week's episodes has Wallace *and* the sheriff. There's a director's cut clip with lots of Wallace for next week on CW's website and I remember seeing Michaeil in scenes for next week.
Michael is aware of the no self posting rule at whedonesque isn't he? Someone might want to educate him in the whedonesque way.
Michael is trying for a part on a new pilot, Tanya J, so none of the above.
He's still a regular on Veronica Mars and he's got a few episodes coming up.

I love Piz.
Michael is aware of the no self posting rule at whedonesque isn't he? Someone might want to educate him in the whedonesque way.

If he did this, couldn't the mods just let him get away with what Joss does? I get a kick out of the endless loop Joss creates with his "links." I would think Michael Muhney is kind of an exception as posters go. How cool would it be to have him post here?
What is Percy Daggs doing nowadays? It would seem that the only explanation for his absence would be that he's also working on some other show, play, or something or other. Any knowledge, Whedonesquers?
If he did this, couldn't the mods just let him get away with what Joss does?

Joss is the only poster allowed to self link.
Thanks for posting this, Green Queen. You ROCK!!

So does Michael, Adam, and (of course) Piz. :-)
I actually find Piz kind of annoying. I like the actor (Chris Lowell, right?) and loved him on Life as We Know It, but Piz isn't all that interesting atm. Love Michael Muhney as well and am saddened that his thread/arc/whatever you wanna call it seems kinda lost in the churn right now. What was I saying? I know I had a point... oh, well.

P.S. - Wasn't it mentioned that Percy had some medical trouble?
zeitgeist, it was posted here that Francis Capra (Weevil) had the health issue.
Drats! I saw that double feature in the paper and thought it sounded fun - but I couldn't go due to a prior commitment. Hard to find cities with good repertory cinemas these days and LA, unsurprisingly, has several. Now I have a better reason to support these theaters - the chance to chat with Adam Baldwin.

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