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February 12 2007

An interview with Laurel Holloman. She played Justine Cooper on Angel, you know the one who slit Wes' throat and who nearly got her bucket taken away from her. The interview is largely devoted to her role on 'The L Word' but there's some nice tidbits about what it was like working on Angel.

I love Laurel Holloman, and I know you can't consider everything a spoiler forever, considering how old it is, but this post and that article are waaaay spoilery for both Angel and The L Word. :/
I love that she was so happy to work on AtS and for Joss, but my God, I watched the entire first season of The L Word without realizing the same actress played both characters! She's so different on both shows, I still sort of have a hard time reconciling the fact that Justine -- locked-in-a-box-and-throat-slitting-Justine -- was played by the same actress as Tina, who's mild as milk and somewhat passive aggressive (as she was in season one; I haven't checked out the other seasons on DVD yet).
Justine was a great character. We saw a whole other side to Wes through his interaction with her.
Justine was totally believable. Holtz was an astute judge of character. Great job, Laurel.
Justine was a great 'window' to other characters -- classic example was, of course, Wes.
Yeah, as well as being an interesting character in her own right she was a great dramatic catalyst. Sometimes those sorts of characters suffer a bit from their role's necessity but Justine (in no small part due to how she was played) always felt organic and natural.
I'm glad to see she and many of the cast are frustrated with some of the story lines and plot decisions on the L Word. I thought I was the only one annoyed by these things -- many fans boards have so many rabid fans, it's tough to say anything critical about the show. How refreshing.

Laurel really was one of the best recurring guest actors ever to appear on Angel. She and Alexis really worked well together.
Typical conversation when watching Angel with my friend:

Me: I can't believe Tina did that!
Friend: Who are talking about?
Me: That evil blond chick?
Friend: You mean Justine?
Me: Right thatís the one...just imagine what Bette would think!
Friend: Again who?
ME: Nevermind.....
I love to hear how often people do not make the connection between Laurel Holloman and her quite disparate roles. It is refreshing, really, because it seems that a lot of actors get pigeonholed, and we sort of expect it.

However, I must say it was hard for me to adjust from sweet little Randy "I sing the body electric" Dean to agroevil Justine "I wield the big scary knife" Cooper.

The interview was a good one, because there seems to be a growing consensus of frustration with the character development on the L Word. After a seemingly endless stream of bad developments, I just don't know if I can stand Ilene Chaiken's brand of storytelling any longer (especially because Jenny seems to be so transparently Ilene and everything about that character makes my skin crawl). /rant

So...has there ever been a person who has worked with Joss and not loved it so much that they would never hesitate to do it again?
"However, I must say it was hard for me to adjust from sweet little Randy "I sing the body electric" Dean to agroevil Justine "I wield the big scary knife" Cooper."

Wait.. WHAT?

From the movie Fame? I went back to the article and from looking at the picture I could see she could have been the girl that auditioned by singing "Memories."

If so, I am in awe. I don't get The L Word but that really is a big change if that was her.
Randy Dean is the character Holloman played in the 1995 romance The Incredibly True Adventures of Two Girls in Love.

The quote I used was from an adorable scene in the film where she has just fallen in love and is celebrating by gleefully reading Walt Whitman out loud whilst smoking a j.

It is a very sweet film, and, according to IMDB, Holloman's debut.
I had a more difficult time recognizing Justine as Randy than I did Tina as Justine. She doesn't even look like Randy! I loved Incredibly True Adventures though. I probably saw it in the theater three times.
*smacks head*

I had not made the connection between Simon's threatening to take our buckets away and Wesley's handling of Justine.


I had always thought - if I'd thought about it much at all - that it was a reference to us all being kids playing together in a sandbox.


*is shocked by the vast difference in meaning*
I saw 2 Girls in Love about that many times in the theater as well!

...and I must agree. The Randy to Justine is a greater leap than the Tina to (or from) Justine.

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