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February 12 2007

Tim Minear on Drive. Part 1 of an exclusive interview with

That opening shot sounds really good and interesting. Be checking this out if not for anything else.
Way better than Tim Minear on autopilot. *giggles*

(I've just been WAITING to make that godawful joke since they announced the title of the show! :-D)
Sounds cooler and cooler. Do effects guys all share their techniques or are they more like magicians trying to figure out each other's tricks ? It's just that when Tim asked Loni Peristere how they did the car bit in WotW he seemed to be all like "Oh yeah, it's done on greenscreen. Like, duh !" ;). Or maybe it's pretty obvious when you're in the business.

(a couple of the article comments raise valid points about 'Drive's longevity. Will it get repetitive to watch the same race for more than a year or two ? Anybody wonder if Tim's so unused to getting past 13 that he hasn't even thought about that ? ;)
Here is another article about Drive.

"Here's the good news; Nathan Fillion stars in this new drama thriller. After FOX cancelled "Firefly," its star Fillion was left floating like an object in space."

Sounds like a Firefly fan to me!
I think the show could be taken to so many different places. The race itself could be not what it seems to be, so that in season 3 after a shocking reveal we might find out something about the race that makes us look at it in a whole new light.

Also, I don't consider this show to really be about a race - it's about how the race effects those involved. It's like asking how long will it be before the audience gets tired of Buffy staking a vampire, or how long before the audience will get tired of Angel trying to help the helpless. Shows evolve and sometimes turn out differently than at first thought. As long as the characters interest me, I don't care if show is about meeting up at a book club every day. If interesting things happen with interesting characters, I'll stay interested.
About the longevity, I'll post the same thoughts here as I did there (this has probably already been discussed, but it just occurred to me now, so pbbbbt.):

What if it is sort of like 24, with one race per season, and each finale being the culmination of that season's race? That would mean that some characters might not be back next season... but then again, there are all sorts of reasons someone might want to do the race again. Motivations might change... Nathan's character, who was coerced into it this season, could come back next season out of greed, or for revenge. Others, who were in it voluntarily, might be coerced, or come back on their own for another shot at the cash. Who wouldn't want another shot at 32 mil?

Or, they could make it like Lost, in which case, it really would have a limited lifespan IMHO. Lost hasn't even been around that long, but a lot of people are already getting tired of the plot not advancing. I really can't imagine Drive doing that-- you can only put off the end of the race for so long. Delay it season after season, and I think the characters (and the fans) would start to feel jerked around.
Saw a preview for it the other day. Looked exciting.

I hope it is good and not a lot of empty sound and fury, which are my criticisms of 24 and Alias.

Longevity? Ridiculous! Minear should be so lucky to have a series air on Fox long enough to get stale.

(I'm gonna be watching. I missed Buffy, Angel, Firefly and Wonderfalls when they were broadcast. My chance to see one from the beginning at last!:) )
The comparison to Heroes is worrying because I think one of the biggest weaknesses of that show is the fact that the characters are mostly always separated (or, if they are together, they part fairly quickly) - and the quality of the stories varies and/or my interest in them does. So for half of the episodes I'm waiting to get back to the interesting thread of the episode.

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