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February 12 2007

(SPOILER) Dead End Kids. It is here! The solicitation for yet another Joss-penned Runaways! With a cover that is to die for! Or that makes it look like someone's bound to die, anyway.

(The complete Marvel solicitations for May will appear at this URL Tuesday.)

Edit: Forgot to check the spoilers box again.

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Someone is going to get a hard time, I don't think it's gonna be Molly though...
Thats a great cover, got to love Molly.Can't wait for Joss's Runaways adventures.
The more I think about it, the more Joss connections there are in these few solicits.

--The new issue of Karl 'Fray' Moline's Loners.
--John 'Astonishing' Cassaday does an issue of Fallen Son.
--Nico from Runaways is bound to get an entry in the Marvel Magic Handbook, and maybe even her parents and the Giborrim, too.
Won't they stop threatening to kill the Runaways?

I'm slightly surprised that's still a Jo Chen cover though, Molly looks appropriately young which doesn't always come across, and for some reason it just feel as stylistically heightened as I normally expect. Maybe since I just don't know what to think about the guest star.
Everyone forgot to say "Yay!!!"

I can't wait to see how Joss writes the Punisher.
For my money, the best Runaways stories have been the ones that focus on the kids and don't get too hung up on the crossovers and other heroes.

Now I know *nothing* about The Punisher - just enough to recognise his costumer - but I figure if Joss is using him, he'll be used to good effect.
Joss is writing Frank Castle? Perfection.
Punisher-smunisher: Molly could totally take him! (and 'Yay!')
Awesome! I just finished reading the first five Runaways trades, and I'm loving them. The next step is to order the hardcover collections for myself and pass the trades off to my 11 year old niece in an attempt to get her addicted to comic books and turn her into a geek. :)
RayHill, If she's anything like my 12-year-old daughter, she'll get really hooked on Runaways.
I think Punisher = Protector here. Not that these kids need that...but that's what it looks like to me.

Oh, and Astonishing X-Men has been resolicited for MAY 2nd! Sorry, that's drifting way off of February 2006. But, I'm really trying not to complain. It's most likely worth it. My only problem is fitting "Unstoppable" with the current and future storylines in other books.

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Oh, and Astonishing X-Men has been resolicited for MAY 2nd! Sorry, that's drifting way off of February 2006

Um, really? I was sure that #20 is out this week, with #21 due in May... and #22 for July!

I hope the Buffy Season 8 comics - at least Joss' first five - stick to a monthly schedule.
I doubt ol' cranky Frankie is going to be Punishing any of the kiddos

...except, perhaps, to teach them a lesson or two

(about tactics, weapon maintenance, making grown men soil their pants at the mere thought of you, getting the cops to never really want to arrest you, and perhaps brand management. Even the inveterate lone vigilante has a logo!).

Surely I jest.
CaptainB, I think Torn and Unstoppable will have to be Post-World War Hulk and pre-X-Event. That would seem the only way to fit them into X-continuity. But my big fear is Marvel keeps all the X-books completely separated until Unstoppable is over and we won't be able to see the Astonishing team's reaction to anything happening in Uncanny or Adjectiveless for nearly a year :( My other concern is if Astonishing gets delayed any longer, it's going to delay the big X-Men crossover event.

Whatever the reason for the delays, I wish Marvel would delay Astonishing and then ship monthly. Since Unstoppable is all one big battle, it's not the type of arc that should be bi-monthly. It's like airing Lost or 24 every other month.
Yes, I thought Astonishing was going to go back to monthly after the first few. The waits are most frustrating.

I read the first hard-cover of Runaways as preparation for Joss taking it over. I don't quite share the total love of it under BKV that others (including Joss) do, but I think it could be great once we get Joss writing it. So I think I can live withough catching up the rest in-between the end of that hard-cover and when Joss starts on it (I know he will catch people up who've never read it before - I did peek at those first 5 pages before they were taken down again...). But more Jossy goodness is always something to look forward to.
I did mean #21, sorry.
Astonishing #21 in May? Why? Why three months? Is this becoming a trimonthly? (is that even a word?) Was bimonthly just not fun enough? That would mean we will get #24 this time next year.

Can't wait for Runaways. Some kids need to be punished from time to time, but our Runaways will punish back.

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