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February 13 2007

(SPOILER) David Boreanaz blogs about Bones. Details are provided for upcoming episodes and he teasingly hints at his recipe for Bragoile (who wouldn't buy his cook book?).

If anyone want the secret Bragoile recipe, I can give it to them being Italian and such ^_^
Oh, don't talk about food. I haven't had anything to eat today. :(

And if DB wants a hockey team, may I suggest the Detroit Red Wings? *shameless plug* Sorry, can't help it, I'm from Michigan. :)
Bragoile? Brasciole! :-)
Bragoile? Brasciole! :-)

I don't think David types the blog himself ... once his wife and son's names were misspelled. He probably dictates it. It's nice of him to take the time to do this for us ... and I'd buy that cookbook in a NY minute. :)
Hot Italian man who cooks - just when I thought he couldn't get any sexier, he resets the whole scale.
Uh...thought his ethnic background was a lot more Balkan than Mediterranean, cuz I read somewhere the surname "Boreanaz" is Czech or something...

Still...would kind of expect DB to at least glace at the blog so everything's kosher when it comes to facts and figures being correct;)
David has said Boreanaz is Italian ... and his mom is Czech....
I can live with DB not being a good speller. Isn't being a gorgeous, sexy, cooking, sizzling actor enough? It is for me! I love that he takes a bit of time to give us the blog.
Dana5140 Bragoile in Italian is Braciole. ^_^
but you surely spelled it better than David Boreanaz or who for him.
There was an interview in Philadelphia magazine a long time ago where I remember him saying that his father used the name Dave Roberts because Italian names weren't quite advantageous in television in those days. So I assumed Boreanaz was an Italian name, or slightly anglicised version of an Italian name.

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