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February 13 2007 launches! And with it comes a bunch of new promos, including this most recent one as well as info for episode 2, "Partners."

I think this "Ordinary People" promo is the best one yet. It explains the plot in an interesting and cohesive way. I believe many of the other promos would have been confusing to people who didn't all ready know what the show was about. And this one still has Tully slamming the smug little man down on the table- my favorite Drive moment so far. Well, I really like the "blink-'What?'" moment too. *chuckle*
Oh...the Alex-as-The Undertaker moment blew my little mind! Nathan is definitely taking his "badass mofo with a heart of gold" character persona to a new level of "Dayum!"

That and the character promo for the pregnant mom was hilarious for the level of absurdity. Though the actress pulls it off with innocent charm:D
Are the people who run the new website FOW (friends of Whedonesque), lol? ;-)

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