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February 13 2007

SciFi Wire poll - Who'd you like to see helm the next Star Trek movie? Joss is one of the choices alongside J.J. Abrams and Bryan Singer.

Not Joss Whedon. He's shown that he doesn't know how to botch a sci-fi movie abd make it not realistic. He seems to understand no sci-fi technobabble, and he has this insistence on warm, livable spaces instead of blocky corridors and impersonal characters.
I wouldn't know if Joss would be interested in such a project, but one thing is certain, he has quite a loyal fanbase on the internet. As usual, he's well ahead in the polls.

Actually, I think Paramount would be wise to allow the Star Trek frachise to hibernate a few years, then start out fresh. Please don't get me wrong, I love the shows. However, the past few movies/series were showing their age with lack of new ideas.

Hmm, on second thought, maybe Joss should;)
Actually, J. Michael Straczynski (creator/writer of Babylon-5) publicly expressed an interest in reviving the Trek franchise and actually pitched it to Paramount. He didn't get a favorable response.

Either JMS or Whedon have the necessary talent, which is why they won't be allowed to do it.
I agree with quantumac, J. Michael Straczynski would do a wonderful job with the Star Trek universe!

And if we actually got someone in the franchise that knew what they were doing, we wouldn't need ST to hibernate for a few years.
There are many talented writers and producers who know how to make a wonderful, insightful show...we just need to turn them to 'our side' *evil laugh of doom*

Some people have forgotten that change is good, and to make heart breaking and heart stopping television, you have to be open to change, with the idea that nothing can stay the same forever.
Joss proved this point with Buffy, Angel, and Firefly. He made us think, laugh, cry, and curse his name for killing beloved characters. But he got us talking, made us watch to see what happend next, and made us say, "Great, now I'm gonna be stuck with serious thoughts all day."

We need fresh perspective on a show that has been on for 40+ years...
I would love to have Joss write/direct the next Star Trek, of course I would want the crew of Serenity to show up, and I would want it to follow the general scenerio of Mirror/Mirror: A Parody by Roxanne Longstreet Conrad (from Finding Serenity edited by Jane Espenson).
I don't want to see another ST movie (ever)- I want to see another FIREFLY movie!!!!
Well, if you're bringing Jane into the mix, might as well include David Fury and Drew Goddard. Say, we may have something here...
My honest answer would be Nicholas Meyer.
Not Joss. Star Trek isn't right for him at all.
Got to agree - why tie up another 1.5-2 years of Joss' time on something as tired as Star Trek. Let him work his magic on his own material - Goners, here we come.

And as an answer to the poll: as a non-Trekkie (or non-Trekker for that matter), I'd rather see someone from outside of genre movies directing to shake things up. What would John Singleton, Kasi Lemmons or Spike Lee bring to the Star Trek universe? Or, how about letting the Asian horror contingent run wild: Danny and Oxide Pang anyone?
Actually, J. Michael Straczynski (creator/writer of Babylon-5) publicly expressed an interest in reviving the Trek franchise and actually pitched it to Paramount. He didn't get a favorable response

*insert joke about JMS retconning Gwen Stacy into the Green Goblin's dirty ho plaything, whose children are ninjas who stalk Spider-Man here*

They should have Ron Moore/David Eick/Michael Rymer develop and produce/direct the thing. Just my BSG/DS9 obsessed opinion :)
I honestly think J.J. is perfect for Star Trek, and I really hope he chooses to direct after all. I wouldn't complain if they picked Joss, but I'd rather he get busy on Goners or something else that's origninal, rather than wasting talent on a movie I'm going see five times even if it sucks.

Faulty logic? Naah.
"Paramount would be wise to allow the Star Trek frachise to hibernate a few years, then start out fresh."

They have -- it has been several years since Enterprise ended. I don't think Joss wouild be the right director for the new film, but at least Joss' Serenity felt like a real film with an original story, whereas J.J. Abrams' MI3 felt like a tv movie because of its recycled plot. For a new Trek director, maybe David Twohy? Not the most radical choice, but I liked the look of the Riddick series.
Twohy would actually be a decent choice, though I'm not completely sold on him. I didn't get around to seeing MI:3 yet, in spite of my Simon Pegg obsession.
Joss directing Patrick Stewart? I think my heart just stopped. Being a Trekkie from way the hell back, if my worlds ever collided like this, I'm not sure I'd survive. :D

By the way, wouldn't Joss have to write it then, too? I thought he didn't like to direct other people's movies.

And z, Simon's not in it much at all. I was very disappointed. Oh I just thought of something incredible: Imagine Joss directing Star Trek starring Pegg. ***GGAAHHH!***
Will, I think Simon's laughing his ass off. And I can't blame him, we are getting pretty silly.

BTW, hey you!
Hiya backatcha Maddy!

Actually the Joss/Simon thing would kinda rock. I'm beyond sure that they know of one another, the most obvious indicator being Bisley praying to Buffy, but I've never really heard what they think of one another. Joss has to like Spaced. He just has to. :)
I agree with Z, with the suggestion of Ron Moore/David Eick/Michael Rymer.

I'd rather see Joss in a certain other space movie.
Okay, serious. Straight face and eyes forward. Here's the rub. Paramount and Joss. Please just think about that a moment.

Is it sinking in? Willowy, I'm keeping a straight face still, yes? Please hit me with that hammer 'cause I'm about to lose it!!
Today, three years after hearing about the cancellation of Angel, I'd rather think about Joss doing his own thing, not somebody else's thing. And, yeah, Star Trek needs a good, long rest, and a reboot besides.
Anything I have to say on this subject would merely rhyme with "mugwump."
Hate to say it, but Bryan Singer is my pick there, without a doubt.
My honest answer would be Nicholas Meyer.

Oh good call.

Out of the options given I went with Bryan Singer. He's got the chops and he's a huge fan of Star Trek (even appearing briefly in Nemesis). 'Superman Returns' less than stellar box office could cure him of his one slight problem IMO, 'extra-20-minutes-itis'.

I'd love to see Joss' take on ST but, let's be honest, it's not dark enough for him and to get his interest it'd have to become something radically different (I don't mind, even welcome, a reboot but I don't agree with throwing everything good about ST out with the bathwater).

Trek is all about an optimistic, progressive view of the future and I just don't think Joss would be into it. Hell, even Nemesis (pause to spit ;) where they kill one of the best loved Next Gen characters (in a really shit way. Did I mention the spitting ? ;) ended on an upbeat note. Trek just can't help itself, it's positively shiny happy (one of the things I like about it and the flip side of one of the reasons I like the Serenifly verse so much with its grit and moral complexity).
I agree with those who think Joss should develop his own material. Could he slam dunk a ST movie? Heck yeah! I would support him if he chose to do it. But... I would rather see a Firefly movie. Or something original.
I don't see Star Trek as the best use of Joss's abilities. If he said that was what he wanted to do I would be 100% behind him, but if I were sitting around with the guy suggesting dream jobs for him, this would never come up.
I agree with those who think Joss should develop his own material. Could he slam dunk a ST movie? Heck yeah!

Really? I don't see it. I've never got any sense or heard anything to suggest he's ever watch Star Trek in any of its incarnations. I really don't see him as a good director-for-hire - which is a huge compliment. Just because he is a great director, doesn't mean you can put him into any franchise and make it work.

Bryan Singer is the best bet because he knows Trek - but also might bring a different sensibility to it. Whereas JJ Abrams has been pretty clear that he's writing a Trek film to appeal to non-Trek fans - which is a huge mistake.
I was going to say something insightful, but then I realized that Saje has already made my points, haha! Nicholas Meyer is a great call, though I would be in favor of anyone who can breathe life into the franchise

Though come to think of it, the Trek-verse and the Whedon-verse aren't so very far apart sometimes. A lot of what I love about Trek is its attempt to create a future as though the world were as it should be, to show us what we can paraphrase a certain vampire.

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