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February 13 2007

(SPOILER) Preview for Astonishing X-Men #20. It's out tomorrow! Have a gander at the four page preview and the sumptuous covers.

I love that last page. Flexes those "reading backwards" muscles that so rarely get used. :)
I think you misspelled sumptuous, so I corrected it. Feel free to beat me about the face and head :) Excited to get new Joss-y/X-Men-y goodness!
Poor Hisako, will she forever be trapped in those pajamas?
I think you misspelled sumptuous, so I corrected it.

Sauce! Errr sumptious sumptuous sauce :p.
Haven't slept in 50 hours. nightly, night!

(And a Nextwave preview too. An added surprise of extra Awesome.)
Enjoyed this issue a lot, still got that building up feel to it but there were a few great bits in there. Hisako (or should I say Armor now?) is becoming a very interesting character, can't figure out her connection with Cassandra Nova! I'm more intrigued to finding out about that than the main Colossus story. It's all shaping up nicely though, I can tell it's gonna be a great ending (if we ever get there!).

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