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February 13 2007

James Marsters Announces U.S. Appearances.

Have fun to those of you that can make it!
I hope(though doubt) he tosses in a music gig to the Burbank event. That(and a reasonable cost, of course) would do it for me!

And very kewl, Creation is doing a BSG thing in November...didn't know that!

[ edited by Rogue Slayer on 2007-02-14 00:38 ]
An appearance in NJ? Can my eyes be deceiving me? Yeah, that must be it. Never mind, I'll look at it more closely when I get home later and figure out where he is really going to be.

(Hmmm. Coulda sworn it said Secaucus though. Pffft. What am I saying, there's got to be plenty of Secaucuses in the country.

...No, that doesn't sound right either...)

[ edited by newcj on 2007-02-14 00:43 ]
I will be at both events in spirit cuz that's the only way I can afford it. *sigh* Maybe someday...just not this year.
Wow, good day to pop into the room. Rogue Slayer, it's very good to hear from you again. You've always been a favorite, so please don't disappear again.
Thanks, Madhatter, but I've never disappeared! I've been solidly appeary!


Ok, I've lurked and watched and lingered. Popped in occasionally. I guess it has been too long, when I wonder who these new whippersnappers at Whedonesque are! I'm still wondering what happened to dear old SoddingNancyTribe! :~(
newcj, that's Secauci. ;-)
I was a lurker a long time before I was a member here and even from a casual observer's position it's easy to see what you mean, Rogue Slayer. In the year (almost) that I've been a member there have been many of the old Whedonesque regulars slowly disappearing or posting extremely sporadically. Yourself, EdDantes, ZachsMind, SoddingNancyTribe and many other familiar names all rarely post their opinions around here these days.

In some ways it's a good thing to see so many new faces. There hasn't been a Joss show on the air for years but the fans still keep on coming. Still, it's a shame that the old school Whedonesquers are not as vocal as they once were.

Get back to posting, guys! It's not the same without ya! ;)
Oh, and to actually get back on topic, as I was originally going to say before I got all distracted with nostalgia, it's about time that JM made a few UK appearances, I reckon. Haven't seen him over here in what seems like ages.
Rogue Slayer, we're still looking for a reply from SoddingNancyTribe. Sadly, no word as of yet. Still, we don't know the reason. I hope this doesn't stop you from joining us once again. Again, we miss your snart. Please take care!
He'll be in the UK in May, he's doing some concerts and Collectormania.
it's about time that JM made a few UK appearances, I reckon. Haven't seen him over here in what seems like ages.

He'll be in the UK in May
Plus he was there in October of 04 and 05!

It's good to see him doing something on the east coast again too.
"newcj, that's Secauci. ;-)
OzLady | February 14, 01:44 CET"

You mean it is from Latin? And here I always thought it was one of New Jersey's many town names taken from a Native American word. I am constantly learning things around here. ;-)

Actually I looked it up, and there doesn't seem to be a Secaucus anywhere but in NJ. Who'd a thunk. So I guess he is going to be in NJ after all. ;-)

This is about 16 miles from me, about 30 to 45 minutes driving depending on traffic. Unfortunately there does not seem to be any info yet know, like...prices, which is really important. The Burbank one has a general admission for the whole weekend of $65 and $25 per day. For someone like me, who is not big into autographs that might be a possibility...and it is the weekend before my birthday.

It is too bad he probably will not be doing a performance of any kind while here. I would love to see him perform on stage.
Kind of off topic, but I can't make it to these personal appearances, so when is his next CD coming out? I love Civilized Man.
Anyone else here planning on going to the one in NJ? I can't believe he's actually agreed to do one in NJ! He must need the money...
Rogue Slayer, let me join in the cheer of seeing you and Ed posting again! I've missed your wit, game, and funnywise influences here. And I second your concern for SNT. Emailed him three days ago, no response as of yet. :(
Curse that James for making me spend more money! :-) I just can't resist a West Coast convention. It's great to see him making more appearances this year. He is always so amazing to his fans at these events. I realize he forgets me the moment I walk away, but damn if he doesn't make me feel like the center of the universe for those 30 seconds!
The one in NJ is actually just minutes from NYC so it would not only be a fun time seeing JM but would make an ideal touristy-shopping trip excuse ;)

As would Burbank, come to think of it, being right there next to LA, *duh* :D
*wipes eyes* ... did I read that right, JM is going to be on the EAST coast? Still a bit far from down here in Florida, but a heckuva lot closer than flying to California or the UK. Don't know if I'll go -- already seen the guy half dozen times already, but nice to know that if I were to see him again I wouldn't have to fly across a continent or an ocean.

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