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February 13 2007

Nick Brendon's "Fire Serpent" promo debuts. There's a promo posted on Nick's site.

I'm in it for anything Nicky does, honestly. These things have their merit, for some reason. They do get me hooked, at random.
I dunno...between the shots of the SFX and noting it's an idea from the Shat's noggin, I gotta question this:(

Still...all power to Nick. Probably will be the best part of the whole thing;)
That's funny. I was suprised to hear about Shatner. It actually made me more interested in seeing the movie.
Go Nick. Go Captain Kirk.
Actually, I think it looks cool. I like the tag line, if you can't stand the heat, get off the planet. Good advice. Go Nick, go my other capt'n.
Hmm, it seems like it might be funny in a Slither or Tremors kind of way, but to be honest it looked quite ridiculous even before "From the mind of William Shatner" was mentioned. It might be mindless fun, but it does make me sort of worry about Nick's career. I think he is capable of much, much better. But maybe it's just a fun project while he works on finding something more suited to his talents.

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