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May 02 2003

Scoopme! Angel Review Centers mostly on the free will issues in the episode.

Surprised and disappointed to read that ScoopMe! will be going down soon

Why didn't this have a spoiler flag? It appeared on the board several hours before Angel actually aired in our area!

Oh well.

Anyway, I'm thinking it is extremely unlikely, but maybe lilah could be the first evil? Or is that kind of crossover-ness too much to imagine?

brother_grady, i'm not at all upset at you for not putting on a spoiler flag, because now I see that a few other people did the same.

I know that since I'm in the minority here (one of the few who don't get to see it on Wednesday) that I have a responsibility to think before I click.

My bad, I think.
Sorry if I spoiled you, chickenbird -- I actually had to wait until Friday morning before I went to work to watch it 'cuz I had finals and then my mother-in-law came in town.

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