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February 14 2007

A Vision of the Future? Longtime Joss fans, the folks at Home On The Strange provide us with a glimpse into life with the Firefly MMORPG.

Man, I hope that doesn't give people any ideas -- I'd like my future digital marriage to go smoothly...
Hahahahah that was great! I love that the mods led the attack!
Haha, that was great.
LOL! Hmm... much as I want a Serenity 2, Joss would have to kill either Simon or Kaylee... or Kaylee could find out she's a lesbian.

Or, in a 'unique' twist, Simon could find out he's gay.

Heh, it's funny cos it's true ;).

I guess Faith/Wood didn't end happily (yet) but it at least started happily (I mean, apart from the whole grievous injury thing).

Mal/Serenity also went quite well (and a million fan-ficcers sit up thinking "Hmmm, there's an idea ..." ;).
When Willow/Kennedy is the happiest partnership ending you can think of, you just know True Lurve is doomed.
Willow/Kennedy?! Blech. Actually, Kennedy gets dumped and Tara comes back due to the actions of a mysterious wizard. Don't believe me? Head on over to and find out.

Okay, okay, so it's not canon, but it's still good fanfic. I have little faith Joss will bring back Tara in Season 8. He may surprise me, but somehow I doubt it. He may love the actress Amber, but I'm not sure sure about the character Tara.
Saje, dude! Maybe you were half-kidding, but otherwise, I didn't know you were on board with the Simon-likes-dudes thing (and something like Jayne--that's right, something, not someone, 'cause in this context we're not speaking of him as a person so much as a big dumb sexbeast, heh--would probably go for either gender, if TV-land were more welcoming of big bi horndogs and/or if Joss had gotten maybe seven seasons. I mean it only took until Angel Season 5 for the probability of a little Spike/Angel action to become canon).
Heh, well we know he can't just leave them happy and it only seems fair to have a gay guy when Joss has already written two gay women. And he wouldn't be repeating himself. And it'd mean neither Simon nor Kaylee had to die so in many ways an optimum solution ;-).

Also, it'd make the aforementioned million fan-ficcers very happy.

(re: Jayne, I dunno, he's certainly a fella of large - and simple - appetites but I also think there's a big ol' streak of traditionalism running through him that'd probably preclude any bi horndoggery)

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