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February 14 2007

Serenity Mysteriously Resurfaces in PDX. Apparently entirely unbeknownst to us local Portland-area Browncoats until, well, pretty much just now, it seems that Serenity is returning for one week to the Laurelhurst Theater beginning this Friday, February 16.

I'm not sure how none of us heard this was coming, but maybe the theater remembers how often we were there once upon a time. Laurelhurst was one of the theaters here in town which played Serenity for a fair length of time in second-run.

ETA: Ah, apparently February is "Cult Favorites" month at Laurelhurst.

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Let's hope the PDX and Eugene Browncoats can make it worth their while to bring this back!
Wish I lived closer (three and an half hours away from southern Oregon, and yet's not getting any closer), maybe a carpool.
The link on the review is a hoot too. I hadn't seen that site before.
Huh. I guess I'll have to go to this. I really hate the tunnel-like feeling of their auditoriums though.
What's with the X in PDX? A curious non Portland resident wishes to know.
Simon, it could be the airport code. Like LA airport is LAX.
Cool, does that mean there's an LAY or even LAZ (Los Angeles must surely have more than one airport) ?
It's off-topic, but since Saje asked, all airports have three letter identifiers. When flying internationally, a country identifier code letter is sometimes appended to the front (depends on which system is used).

A list of US codes can be found here:
A list of all (looks like just commercial) airport codes can be found here:
And an explaination can be found here:
A listing of country prefix codes can be found here:
Toronto's is YYZ (go figure).
But B!x, you are slipping. I am so disappointed.
Cheers for that gt0163c, I love those weird little pieces of knowledge especially when they seem so obscure and ad-hoc (Canada, possibly a bit late to the international airport party, got left with the Ys Lioness. Calgary is apparently YYC - though why Toronto isn't YYT i've no idea).
Cool, does that mean there's an LAY or even LAZ (Los Angeles must surely have more than one airport) ?

LA city only has one airport. But there's one in Burbank, one in Long Beach, one in Ontario, one in Palmdale, one in Santa Ana, and one in Oxnard. Those are all separate cities, but still considered the 'LA area', or the Southland. Depending on who you ask and what day, of course.
Oh..we got more than one airport in Ontario, Rogue Slayer


So there's a suburb of LA that's called "Ontario?" Huh...guess I should avoid being vague about my origins in California if I ever visit. Though the predominant thought when people assume my origin is Michigan...
This is my favorite threadjacking in ages.
"Serenity Mysteriously Resurfaces" Yes. It is a mystery why Serenity keeps popping up in theaters so long after it's general release. I wonder why.

Here is to more theater owners understanding the mystery of Serenity. Need more Browncoat theater owners!

There was just a screening in LA area and the theater owner didn't know the movie had a following. A whole bunch of people showed up in Jayne hats. Theater owner now knows.
Did anyone else assume that "PDX" was some sort of new film format like HDTV? Serenity on DVD-PDX now!

Fri, Sat, Sun 4:10, 9:50
Nightly 9:50

gt0163c, thanks for those links. I knew Vancouver (BC) was YVR - that's what the airport is called now, locally at least - but I didn't know that the Harbour Airport downtown is CXH. (Actually, I don't think I had even thought about it having call letters.)
This actually seems like a really strange OT conversation for what I always think of as this very savvy online group. I mean I hang here mostly because of the ambiance, civilized conversation and good company of course, but also because everybody always knows so much more than I do. Now my world is being shaken.

A lot of folks here seem to travel. Folks must research travel through the internet. That is the reason I have known the codes for all of the airports in the NY Metro area for years, and, now that I think about it, for a whole lot of other places. I know this, ergo most of you must know this...and the history of why they are the way they are...and why Key West's tiny airport is an "International" airport...and more that I can't think of right now...Aaaaaaaaah my world is melting, melting, melting.
I don't get to travel very often and I've wondered what PDX meant too. Now I can stop wondering.
Now I wonder why I always seem to live on the wrong coast for cool things.
Thanks to Flan (grr) I've been through 5 different airports just for one trip. And I no longer fear airports the way I used to. So, yay me.
Gorramit!! I just canceled my plans to go to PDX this weekend for my birthday!! It would have been a wonderful way to celebrate. Now I'm stuck in SEA so I'll have to watch MAL on DVD.
Portland - You bastards! :p

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