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February 14 2007

(SPOILER) Tim Minear on Drive (Part 3). The third and final part of the Minear interview.

Tim's thoughts on how to continue the show for more than one season (which was touched on briefly in a previous thread) and why he decided to reshoot the pilot.

(i've checked 'Spoilers' but it's probably fairly safe for all but the most manic spoiler phobes i.e. me. We all knew Nathan gets a puncture and quits after the first twenty minutes right ? ;)

Also, mods, feel free to get rid if it doesn't merit a separate thread.

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And the Whedonesquey for best tags goes to -- Saje! ;-)
I'd like to thank billz, my agent, my family, my best friend from playgroup, my primary 2 teacher Mrs Schooler, Messrs Jack Daniels and John Walker, oh god, i'm sure i'm forgetting someone ... i'm just ... i'm overwhelmed, i'm ... Thank-you, thank-you so much.


Cool, i'm now officially a tagger. I feel so street.

(personally i'm glad he seems keen to avoid cliff-hangers and also that he realises you have to finish a show like this within a realistic time-frame - or at least restructure things a bit to maintain interest. Hopefully his time on 'Angel' - which, IMO, was absolutely brilliant at re-inventing itself to stay fresh - will stand him in good stead. Also agree that this is his most accessible show so far with the clearest hook so here's hoping for like, oh, maybe 22 episodes a nice looong run ;)
Saje, congrats on your first!
And a thank you for a sidenote - I had no idea that Tanya Huff's novels were becoming a TV show, which is mentioned at the bottom of the page. That is good news - if it is done well.
These interviews have been great - really looking forward to seeing Drive in the UK (so please let it be a huge success in the States, otherwise we may have to wait years for it to be released on DVD!)
Uh oh. This talk of killing off characters makes me nervous.
"I was sort of tired of having shows that people couldn’t understand until they watched three episodes of them."

Hey buddy, it didn't take me three episodes. 2 and 3/4s maybe.
And I got Firefly within the first episode! Guess I am just smarter than the average...TV watcher;)
I thought the Scott Peterson comment was very, very cool!

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