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May 02 2003

The Top Ten Buffy villains and look who gets pole position.

The Trio? Hmmmmm. You can also vote for your favourite villain here.

My top five would be Angel, Glory, The Mayor, Willow and The Master.

I'd have to go with:
The Mayor, Glory, Willow, Adam and Angel.
I really miss Mayor Richard Wilkins! He was the coolest villian that there ever was on Buffy, and the best explored character-wise too.
The Mayor is my number one, and how could he NOT be? He was fully intending on doing his WHOLE graduation speech before eating the class----now THAT is what I call evil! :D
The mayor was actually a fairly good villain, he had that 'i'm a nice guy but there's something creepy about me' thing about him. Glory was the WORST villain, ever. The best I would have to say is either Angel (when he was bad) or The First.
I never thought the Mayor was all that threatening or interesting except in his relationship with Faith, but I know he's popular, so I'll leave him alone. I'm going to have to go with Willow, in promise if not completely in execution.
I'm with Angel all the way, actually. His evilness in Season 2 was so scary simply because we didn't know his limits - and seeing just how far he went away from the goodness we'd known previously was therefore even more unsettling. And I like The First, again in promise if not completely in execution. :)
My 5 would be Angel, Faith, the Mayor (I see them as separate), The First (in theory - definitely not in execution) and Glory. I know a lot of people hated Glory, but I think that when you look at the entire 'Glory' arc, and not just the Glory character, it was one of the more intense. Also, had Glory been played by a decent actress I think more people would have appreciated her.

As for The First, I think this was one of those loose ends that really needed to be dealt with, I just wish they'd dealt with The First back in season four or five, when the show was half-way decent. The First's storyline really does deserve the passion and creativity that has been sorely lacking over the past two seasons.

Willow is definitely not a part of my top 5, not even my top 10. I found the idea of Willow going bad really appealing in the beginning, but the writers totally botched it. I'm sorry, but they should have either put more into it, or used it as a November sweeps event, not the conclusion to a mostly directionless season.

That's just my two cents though :)
My top five would be Angel, The Mayor(he was so nice and polite that it was creepy), Faith, and Willow.

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