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February 15 2007

Southland Seeks More Money. Richard Kelly seeks further funding to complete the film's visual effects.

First main page thread post. How did I do? ;)

It hurts to hear about this movie having trouble :(
Just fine Roxtar. You meant to link to a site about bestiality, right ?*

Not sounding good. I thought someone (Sony ?) had already agreed to distribute it and stump up the cash. Reckon this one may hang about in development hell for quite some time (shame, because the prequel graphic novellas really whet my appetite for more and SMG's character seems like one of the more interesting one's she's played since Buffy).

* made you look ;-)
Yeah, Saje, Sony bought this movie last June. But they still haven't indicated which of their divisions it belongs to for release. It was rather ominously bought by their home entertainment arm.
You soooo didn't make me look, Saje. I knew damn well that the link didn't take you to anything to do with bestiality.

It's actually a bondage fetish site. :D
Hopefully, the money situation will get solved soon. I still think we'll see Southland some time in 2007 but it may be a long time, by the way RK makes it seem.
At this point I've kinda lost interest in the trials and tribulations of Southland Tales. I'm just excited to see it when and in whatever format it eventually comes out in. It's interesting that casting has already begun on his next feature, the much smaller-scale The Box, and the news of this other writing project he's been hired for, which bodes well for ST getting a release before the year is out. It seems like he'll be glad to get ST out of his system.

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Edited to change link from to ;)
Hehe, yeah, but I bet you bookmarked the original link before you changed it, zeitgeist. :D
Awww, first front page link. They grow up so fast.

...Bondage fetish? Maybe too fast...
Yeah, but, I bookmar-- wait, that's not what I meant to type!
I hate to hear this too. I just saw INLAND EMPIRE with David Lynch in attentence for a Q&A after the show. He said that if you put out an incomprehensible and abstract 3 hour movie distributors don't come knocking at your door. He said it for both the comic effect and as an observation on current cinema. I for one, welcome films that challenge audiences with their intelligence and artistic convincion as opposed to films like, well, most of the event tent pole movies that challenge audiences to merely sit through them.

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