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February 15 2007

New Christopher Golden Interview. Intrepid interviewer Shiai Mata interviews Chris Golden for the second time.

Ah, but is it canon though ?

*ducks, runs, hides in nuclear bunker deep in the bowels of the Earth and still suspects it's not enough ;)*
In the Goldenverse, saje, because he is the Creator.

*Leaves this universe thorugh a wormhole that immedialtley closes up, leaving him hanging out with 7 of 9*
Damn, that kicks the shit out of my nuclear bunker. 7 of 9 eh ? Stupid non-wormhole-thinking-of me.

I like his ideas and the sort of things he wants to try with the characters. Don't usually read media tie-ins anymore (i've read some of the Buffy comics and 'Tales of the Slayers Vol. 1' - which I thought was very variable in quality - and that's about it) but I may have to try some of his stuff sometime.
Hey Saje, if you're looking to dip your toe into the Golden Buffyverse, I recommend either THE LOST SLAYER (gotta love dystopian alternate futures and mystic time travel) or SINS OF THE FATHER, where Chris brings in a character nobody every expected to see in Buffy's life again. ;)
Cheers for that Shiai, checked them out on Amazon and they both sound interesting (also 'The Wisdom of War' sounded cool - loves me some Faith ;). Wish-listed them for some point in the future.

ETA: And good job on the interview, BTW. I'm gonna go way out on a limb and assume that was you ;).

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I *so* can't wait for everyone to find out the big secret in this book... hee!!! :-D

Also, quick plug/reminder: Chris will be doing signings at NY ComicCon next weekend (2/23-25)so if you're going, stop by and say hi! Saturday-only tickets are sold out on the 'net, but there are reasonably-priced, full-weekend, uber-hyphenated *g* ones still available!

And hey! *I* will be there Saturday and Sunday, so look for me too! :-D
I've read Chris Golden's Buffy books, but they are definitely NOT canon. I haven't seen the games however.
The Lost Slayer was the first Buffy tie-in I read and nothing else I have read so far matches it. Not even The Wisdom of War.
Moley, Monster Island! :-)
A couple of days ago in USAToday there was an article about Joe Hill, Stephen King's son. Chris is a friend of his and he was quoted.
I liked his Cordy story in the recent Angel: Masks one off. Even bought one of Chris' non Buffy books, he is a great writer.

Speaking of Cordy and Chris Golden, did anyone else know that Charisma narrated a Buffy audiobook? details.
Simon: Yep, Charisma narrated the one and only Buffy audio book, IMMORTAL by Chris Golden and Nancy Holder. It's almost worth tracking down, just to hear poor Charisma attempt the various foreign accents...her Giles comes off sounding positively Ruritanian. She was perhaps not the wisest choice to read this, bless her. LOL

And Saje, thanks for the kind words on the Q&A. :)

FYI: I hope to have a few more interviews posted to the site in the next few weeks, including one with former S&S editor Lisa Clancy.
Saje; officially the novels aren't canon so officially that's a non-question but heck it's fun to ask. :-).

embers;I think Golden's stuff, at least the collaborative portion, is close enough to be canon. Monster Island isn't an impossible fit, neither is Chaos Bleeds. Pretty Maids All in a Row heck, so Spike kil;led a third Slayer "kanobody kanows kabout" and he's not likely to brag about it in present company. (okay I'm a bit prejudiced b/c the Golden books are historical in the "katiesdaddykat 'verse.")

Plete, err, Dana I wonder if the multiple Buffyverses differ in anything besides the character bios? (and I like your ruddy cheek coming up with that name change first and you a married man!) Maybe one is coming towards the end of Al Gore's second term.

As to the character he can't name, knowing Golden 's notions there's an obvious choice and I hope I'm wrong because,well, I don't think I want to see the person I'm thinking of in the way it would be mandatory to present same.
DaddyCatALSO, I'd say 'Have faith' but I'd be giving you a characteristically false impression! LOL! Seriously, I can almost guarantee that folks will be happy with what Chris has written and for whom. :-)
OzLady;I'm sure I'll like it, assuming I can afford it when it comes out, just venturing a guess as to specifics. (and do we bump into each other on another board?)
DaddyCatALSO, it's possible; do you go by any another name? :-) I've been OzLady since my first posting at the Bronze lo these many years ago! *Very* briefly when the character of Lindsay was added to "Angel," I thought about changing my moniker to "Christian's Jew" but everyone knows me as OzLady, so...

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