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"When I talk about belief, why do you always assume I'm talking about God?"
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February 15 2007

James Marsters new Q&A is up. This month he talks about bad drivers, Chekhov and Michael Rosenbaum, among other things.

New message from James for Valentines:

2-14-07 - Happy Valentines Day to all you lovers and loveless - give yourself love; that's always the best.

His Valentines message made me laugh out loud.
A fan of Tom Petty. I can dig that.
Another great session. Always look forward to these. Thanks!
Free Falling and American Girl. Two of the greatest rock songs ever written. No question.
Ah, but does he also talk about Sulu? /duck
Ah, and Mary Jane's Last Dance...can't forget that one! Love a man with a morbid sense of...anything!
Y'know, I was very close to making that joke myself, zeitgeist. Having now read it, I'm kinda glad that you took responsibility for it. :p

Rogue Slayer, very true. Great video for that song, too.
Been through phases where it's necessary to triage some CDs to make a few quid down the second hand record shop. 'Full Moon Fever' is just one of those albums I could never bring myself to part with. Even if it meant beans on toast for another week ;).

From Chekhov to the spontaneous emergence of order from chaos. Can we say Rennaissance man ? Yep, but 'we' probably can't spell it ;).

(agree with him about getting cut up too. Makes you think "What if I was as shit a driver as you ? We might both be dead now". Thoughts like that keep me smiling ;)
So, is the Shadow Puppets film ever going to be released?
Distribution rights are currently being marketed, I believe I've read recently.

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