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February 15 2007

OMWF Sing-along at Parkway Speakeasy in Oakland tonight! You'll have to miss Joss's Office episode, but come on down and walk through the fire at 9:15 tonight. The theatre promises trivia and prizes and two other episodes chosen by the audience.

I'll be the Indian dude. Say hi!

The two other episodes have already been chosen. They will be Tabula Rasa and Hush. See you there!
Arrgh - too close to the Tour of California and other racing type things. I have no time.

Oh well. I'll go another time, I hope.
Oh, awesome, I was hoping "Hush" would be one! I love that episode. And I know "Tabula Rasa" is popular as well.
Kyrax, you'll be able to come the next time, this is a monthly event, switching between Firefly and Buffy.
yay!! i am sooo excited. i used to live across the street from the coolidge corner theatre in boston (which i believe was the first theater to do OMWF sing-a-longs), but they started doing it a year after i moved to san francisco. then i heard about the parkway doing it, but i was out of town the first time they did it. but now, they're doing it again, i'm here, and it's tonight!! a tidal wave couldn't keep me away from that place.
'twas awesome!

Lots of nachos, popcorn, beer, and comfy sofa cuddled with my best girls in a dark theatre with a loud happy crowd of Buffy lovin' rowdsters!

They gave out Buffy # 1 gift certificates as prizes (I didn't win, but mine are already ordered anyway:)

One thing, though...the person throwing bunnies must be Punished. Mussed my ' gave me the wiggins.

Exhausted from singing, hollering and laughing -- nightnight!
Thank you woo&hoo!

I'm sorry you got nailed with a wayward bunny! You got to watch out for them!
There will be a mailing list and stuff set up soon. See you next month!

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