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February 15 2007

(SPOILER) "Supernatural" creator reaches out to Buffy fans. Brief shout-out to Buffy fans is included in this Q&A session with Eric Kripke at Slightly spoilery for Supernatural fans.

"...I have to be shameless and say to the fans, If you love the show, please spread the word. Let your friends know there's a smart genre show on the CW, a show for people who dig Buffy and X-Files. Drag ‘em in front of the TV and make ‘em watch. We don't get a lot of marketing, and word of mouth is the only way we're gonna get a long, healthy series run. We need your help!"

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It's an amazing show and we should support it. We all know what it's like to have spectacular shows getting messed with. *whimpers as she looks at her Firefly boxset*
I don't know. Supernatural never seemed "smart" to me. Then again I can't watch anything anymore without thinking about the ways Joss could have written it.

I guess I was spoiled the last decade.
I watched 5 eps of Supernatural and just wasn't impressed. But I'd be interested in hearing from anyone out there who was dubious at first but is now a fan.
I think you have to go into it wanting to see a family drama with supernatural action on the side, not the other way around. Also, they get mucho points for all the old rock music in every episode, the music video montages that catch you up on the important bits, and one HELL of a season finale.

Firefly was the first time I ran through an entire series in less than a week. Supernatural is now the second time, and I'm so happy I got pulled into it.
I'm sorry to say so but this show just isn't very good. I really don't understand why they cancelled Angel (which was really starting to redeem itself in season 5) and put this on the air instead.

Not to be mean. It's not bad. It's just that this kind of a show has some big shoes to fill. And not quite filling them.
I'm not a Supernatural fan. I tried watching it but it just didn't do anything for me. And, I seriously have issues with fans that say it's just like Buffy. It's not. Buffy was much better.
I love this show and I hope it does well so it will be on the air for a while. Buffy was great, but there are other really good shows out there, and Supernatural is one of them. As a matter of fact it is in my top 3 of must watch for me. The weekly stories and the big background stories are all very entertaining and I really like the actors. It really could use a female regular, but other than that I have no complaints. Of course, if they could get James Marsters to guest, it would be perfect, imo.
I wasn't sold on Supernatural in its first season, but it is absolutely must see TV this year.
I went into this with only the first 4 seasons of Buffy under my belt and maybe half a season of Angel, and absolutely no knowledge of Supernatural other than the fact that half my Livejournal friendslist adores it. So maybe I'm just biased because I haven't seen the really good stuff Joss-wise, or maybe I like crappier TV nowadays, I don't know. At any rate, I just really enjoy it. And maybe it says something that the only OTHER series I went through like water within a week is Firefly. And Firefly only has a handful of eps -- I went through 20+ Supernatural eps. Which, at 4AM in the dark with a bowl of popcorn and some bars of chocolate, was pretty fun. (Or heartwrenching, depending what ep you're watching...)

Also: Amber Benson as a good vampire in one of the recent eps? So dang awesome.
It may not be the "smartest" of shows out there, but it's got heart (by which I mean, great characters and strong relationships between the characters). And given how the "smart" shows that're still on the air and that I'm a huge fan of (namely, Veronica Mars and Battlestar Galactica) have taken creative downturns that've left me going "WTF?!" more often than not of late, I honestly have to say that Supernatural is close to being the show that I enjoy the most right now.

It's a simple premise that had all the potential of being a typical WB/CW piece of shite, but the execution has been far superior than what you typically get with the WB. The two leads are strong actors (though Padalecki's only lately improved; he was only all right during most of the first season), the writers and crew have a strong sense of how to write the boys and their relationship, and they know how to stick with that characterisation. (Which VM and BSG have been rather iffy about lately.)

But I'd be interested in hearing from anyone out there who was dubious at first but is now a fan.

I don't know if I exactly fit this category, but I'll chip in my $0.02. Watched the pilot, heard that the second episode was titled "Wendigo", thought it was going to be crap from there on (I blame the likes of Charmed and Smallville), and didn't watch the show again until "Shadow", in the last third of S1. Admittedly, I tuned in again mainly because of the Pretty factor, but also because I heard that "Shadow" was a fairly decent ep. And after that, I was pretty much hooked.

And the second season thus far has blown me away. The first season had several out-and-out clunkers, and only a handful of really good episodes. This season is turning out to be the other way around, with only 3 or so episodes that failed in the execution of that week's premise, and a fair number that've rocked. Also, as someone who is spoiled like week old milk for this show, I'm anticipating that there won't be any remaining clunkers in the season. (Maybe, at most, one.)

At least this is one show that's pretty unequivocally avoiding the sophomore slump. (Which both BSG and VM (to a lesser extent, IMO) went through.)
But I'd be interested in hearing from anyone out there who was dubious at first but is now a fan.

I found it kind of meh for a lot of the first season, but it really picked up steam as it went into the finale, and the second season has been rockingly awesome so far. The show took a little while to find its feet, so I wouldn't recommend judging it based on the early eps. It's kind of like Angel in that way (unless you really liked the early Angel episodes, in which case never mind).

It really isn't like Buffy at all, though. Tone-wise, it's kind of a little like Angel, maybe, if you squint? I don't know, it's its own show, and it's very entertaining.
I always thought it was sort of like the X-files. But without the sexual tension. Which, in the context of this particular show, would be...disturbing.
kerfuffle, it depends what part of the fandom you pay attention to. *head shake*
I watched 5 eps of Supernatural and just wasn't impressed. But I'd be interested in hearing from anyone out there who was dubious at first but is now a fan.
I do my best at selling the show in this post.

I always thought it was sort of like the X-files.
After I realized this, I enjoyed the show much more. It's totally The X-Files all over again, but with more character development and random pop-culture shout-outs.

I think it's a really good show and I look forward to it every week, but I don't love it with the fervor of many in the fandom. I definitely think it deserves to be renewed, though.
I like this show a lot. The writing isn't as consistent as what you get on VM or Lost (the only other two shows I currently watch), but the two main characters are just as very well drawn and multi-faceted.

I definitely recommend it.
Supernatural is a definite grower. The first half of season one was hardly must-watch television for me but Dean and Sam were interesting enough leads and the show was just interesting enough to keep me watching. Not to mention an often sensational classic rock soundtrack.

By the end of season one I was hooked. The arc of the series that concerns the Winchesters hunt for the demon that killed their mother really hits high gear with the last few episodes and by that point I was a complete fan anyway.

It's not Angel and to be honest it's not even trying to be so the comparison, I feel, is unfair. I'd hate for any bad feelings over the fact that this show was mentioned as a replacement when Angel was axed to cause people to not give Supernatural a chance. Those that work on the show have shown that they have nothing but love and respect for Buffy and Angel, to the point of having one guest character use the line "What would Buffy do?". Okay, the guy was a total nerd but the thought was there. :D

The fact is that Supernatural is one of those series that deserves to survive and it looks like it probably won't. At least not going off current ratings anyway. It's a shame because it's actually pretty damn good. Well worth the time of any fan of spooky type shows.
Count me in as a person who really likes "Supernatural" also. I agree that the show didn’t really start hitting its stride till the last 3rd of season 1, but the 2nd season has been awesome from the start. The show dose have a X-files feel with the two leads, but I think it's had more character development then The X-files had in its 1st two seasons.

This show is what I picture that proposed "Faith" spin off would of been like, with traveling around the country fighting demons and monsters, while having a over-arching plot back dropping the show.
Well, Roxtar you've convinced me to give it a second chance tonight. I only saw some of the early season one eppys. So here goes.

Plus that guy who was in Dark Angel is a cutie.

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kerfuffle, tonight's episode looks like it will be a very fun one and a little lighter than usual. Just so you know!

The fact is that Supernatural is one of those series that deserves to survive and it looks like it probably won't. At least not going off current ratings anyway.
Is it really in that much danger? I thought it was holding its own in the worst timeslot of the week. I know it's not doing as well as it was in its old timeslot, but it's not getting slaughtered. Hell, it's getting better ratings than Veronica Mars, I think.
I have to admit to being a huge fan of Supernatural... not to the levels of my love of Buffy or Firefly. But it's dang close. I never really watched season 1 while it was on, but got the DVDs for Christmas and I've been hooked since. Season 2 has really kicked some major a$$. Tonight's epi is a really funny one, it will showcase the more light hearted side, the last two weeks have been some of the best ever for the show and really heavy and dark.
It's hard to judge just about anything against Joss' stuff. But this show is as good as it gets for me these days on TV. It has the chance to really grow as it goes (much like Angel did), but it needs the support of the fans... and some better ratings wouldn't hurt either

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Supernatural started up slowly, and at first I really had to force myself to watch it. The past several episodes have been great, though, and the show keeps getting better and better. Tonight's episode was hilarious.
I never imagined I'd become a fan of Supernatural, and yet I did. Somewhere along the way, I happened to catch an episode, was very very pleasantly surprised and have not missed it since.

hrlo said it's got heart, and I think that is really where its strength comes from. In these days of 10-20 regular cast members, it's refreshing to have 2 people (sometimes 3) that the whole show comes down to. Some shows are spread so thin now it's hard to care about any of the characters. Here, these guys have some friends, but the only thing they can count on in the end is each other, which makes their bond all the more important. Honestly, it makes me wanna be a better brother sometimes.

Yay, Supernatural. May you have a long and successful run.
I gotta jump in with some SUPERNATURAL love. No, it's not Buffy or Angel. We have mentioned on this board the Whedonverse connection with Ben E before. I notice that many of the creative team(John Shiban, Kelly Manners, et al) are X-Files vets, which explains the X-Files vibe. I agree that the strongest thing the show has going for it is it's great big heart. I saw the Amber Benson vampire ep and liked it but wasn't impressed. I felt they could have done more with Amber and more with vampires. But tonight's ep really reminded me of similar X-Files eps. In the past few weeks there have been some nail biting eps involving among others, shape shifters who rob banks (makes sense- what else are shape shifters gonna do?), demonic possession involving going after old girlfriends (once again natch- how do I know? Don't ask) and other tasty goings on.

I wish they would have Jo appear as a character more often. And one I think called Ava, who is played by Katharine Isabel, she of GINGER SNAPS. They light up the screen when they are on and the show could use some strong female characters.

Also I heard there is a possibility that James Marster might appear as well.
"Oh, Mama I'm in fear for my life from the long arm of the law...."

Just watch it, people.

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I have to say it's never a good sign for a show when its creator appeals to people to watch his show. It may be in a joking fun manner but still, it makes alarm bells go off in my head.
Point, Simon, but every Supernatural fan who's posted in this thread has done a damn good job at convincing me to finally give this series a look. Wow is it surprising and rare lately to see that much love, and that much thorough and well-written support, for an underdog genre series that I always assumed was cheese. I can appreciate that sometimes shows (especially genre--a lot of Farscape fans have told me to be patient with it when I finally get around to watching) take a while to grow and come together. A series getting exponentially better in its second season is exactly what I need to hear.

Plus, yeah, the leads are pretty. And y'know what? Despite the call from a few fans for a main female lead to be added to the show, I have a feelig I'll kinda hope they don't. Series that're almost exclusively male-dominated are few and far between (I can count on one hand, Rescue Me and, um...??? Oz back in the day ?) and I can look everywhere else for tons of strong female characters, whereas I find appealing male leads are hard to come by, especially on many network dramas (premium cable seems to have no problem making guys compelling).

And a giant fuck-yeah of ecstatic agreement to the poster who brought up the appreciation for smaller casts. Two leads, that's it! I didn't think two-lead shows existed anymore. Smaller casts, I love 'em.

Season 1 gets rented (maybe bought, if I can fit it into the budget) as soon as sweeps are through and some of my shows go into repeats in March/April.

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Plus... best use of music in a show EVER!!! I'll admit that I never had much love for the 70's guitar rock era, but this show has taught me some love of Styx and Kansas.
I have much love for this show. It is my number 1 show that is currently on the air. My love for it is right up there with my love for Buffy, Angel, and Firefly. The family dynamic is outstanding, and the stories are scary. It has had several Whedonverse stars (Amy Acker, Julie Benz, Amber Benson), Ben Edlund is a writer and executive producer, and John Shiban and Kim Manners from the X-Files are there as a writer and director for many, many episodes.

Jensen Ackles, Jared Padelecki, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan are excellent and I have become huge fans of theirs. I highly recommend this show to anyone!
I got Supernatural for my Father and Uncle (both Buffy-resistant types, but I got them to eat up Firefly) for Christmas, and they both complained about the lack of chicks and some clunkers for episodes. I convinced them both to watch through to the end of the first season, but I forgot that it ends on quite a cliffhanger.
I get daily phone calls now, begging me for season two. I suggested Alias for them (they're STILL Buffy-resistant, dern it!)and I'm praying that keeps them busy until Supernatural comes out with the second season on DVD.
I have to tell you guys, I haven't decided whether I initially watched that show for Jensen Ackles or the car, but it really has impressed me this season as well. Good luck to Eric Kripke in future endeavors!!!
Wasn't Jeffrey Dean Morgan on an ep of Angel?

...and thank you imdb - Season 3, ep12 - Provider. Thought I remembered that from the most recent re-watching.
Jumping in on the Supernatural lovetrain. I dislike it when shows are compared to Buffy or Angel, because it tends to set one up for failure. There are no shows like Buffy or Angel.

Supernatural is about two brothers. The sibling dynamic is the main focus of the show, and the supernatural bits are the gravy. They do a lot with urban legends, and the "mullet rock" soundtrack for the show is spot on.

Season 2 has been brilliant. The show picked up speed near the end of season 1, and it's finally found it's footing with this season. I encourage anyone to give it another go.
Yes, I agree that this show should not be compared to Buffy or Angel. Cuz, really, Buffy and Angel weren't the ONLY shows that used a supernatural theme. For crying out loud, what about The Night Stalker, Alfred Hichcock, Dark Shadows, I could go on and on, but the point is, Buffy and Angel aren't the end all in supernatural tv shows. Anyone who can't enjoy anything unless Joss Wheden writes it, are really limiting themselves. Supernatural is a great show for being Supernatural, on it's own.
I think Supernatural may turn out to be the little engine that "could." I enjoy it but it's usually only when my big love on Thursday nights, CSI Vegas is lobbing repeats at me (and with its current storyline about the miniature killer, how can I resist?). Good acting, writing, and often compelling. Just wish it was in a different time slot like 8 p.m. Then it would be on against Survivor, and no contest, baby.

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The show progressively got better over season 1. I can't pinpoint the exact moment but sometime in the last 5 or so episodes it became awesome. It's season 2 and already better than Smallville ever was.

Currently the show is just very good. It's verging on greatness. I think it could eventually get there. They are starting to get it right but adding more people. I mean Sam & Dean are good, but now they have the whole roadhouse crew with Ellen, Jo, and the super mullet dude it's even better. More people to play off of = better dialog.

Plus the way it uses music is incredible. A few weeks ago when they escaped that bank in riot gear I got freaking goosebumps. The episode with Julie Benz and BOC's "Don't Fear the Reaper" was awesome. Seriously this show does to classic rock what Greys Anatomy does to modern alternative music... only better.

I'm really hoping they'd bring back the girl from Ginger Snaps at some point. Her character was interesting as a counter to Sam.

Oh and did I mention a vintage Impala? Best car in a show in a long long time.
I think there's a bigger reference to Buffy than just that one line. Jo is hawt, her mommy too.
Admittedly, I haven't followed the show as much as I wish I could, but I have seen at least one show that had, to me at least, a big parallel to a Buffy character and that's Dean/Faith. I speak of the Amber Benson episode, wherein Dean is so hot to jump on board with the Rogue vampire hunter whose world was black and white, and kill the vampire group who are trying to lead a peaceful life among humans (by just killing the occasional cow). His anger and need to be adrenalized by the kill was something he really needed a wakeup call from. It's a good thing he had Sam to provide it. Great episode.
Definitely a slow starter (pilot excluding) but I stuck at it on the urging of some fellow whedonites. The last half of S1 was electric and S2 has been gripping.

Of all the US shows on now this is 1 in my list - ok the boys are pretty but I love the stories, oh and the car.

Angel and Buffy it's not and really shouldn't be compared other than the obvious demon hunting aspect.
Piping in with some comments. Supernatural is on my list of Must See TV and that's a pretty short list. I just love it. It shouldn't be compared to Buffy or Angel because it is nether one of those shows. There won't be another Buffy or Angel and that's fine because other shows shouldn't strive to emulate them in all its forms.

Another thing is -- didn't Joss appeal to fans to watch Firefly? Didn't he encourage fans to talk to other people who might like Firefly and get them to watch it also? There's nothing wrong with the creator of a show to want his show to succeed.
Browncoat, what I took from Simon's remarks was not that appealing to fans to watch was a bad sign for the quality of the show, but for its prospects -- which, indeed, was borne out by your Firefly example.
I'm a huge SN fan. I admit I started watching it for the pretty, but it is quite an enjoyable show.

It shouldn't be compared to Buffy... but I can see why fans of Buffy (and X-files) would also be fans of SN. You don't really see any dark occult type shows on t.v. these days. The occult type shows that do well are the smarmy ones, like Medium and Ghost Whisperer. The ones that make you feel good at the end.

While I have been enjoying Season 2 of SN, I actually find it less scary than S1. More compelling, but less *holy cow I need to sleep with a nightlight on*. Still, can't wait for this week's eppy!
Simon - "I have to say it's never a good sign for a show when its creator appeals to people to watch his show. It may be in a joking fun manner but still, it makes alarm bells go off in my head."

And those alarm bells would be accurate, Simon. I believe it was Erik himself who has stated elsewhere that the current chances for a season three are no better than 50/50 and ratings need to be a lot better than they are.

Ultimately, the CW needs to keep some stability so it isn't going to start axing shows without good reason but Supernatural is getting very average ratings indeed and deserves so much better. Of course, if they would just schedule it against competition a little less strong than CSI and Grey's, that would help no end! Why not just put it up against Heroes and 24 and REALLY kill it, CW? ;)

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